What is an Airport Ground Staff and how to become one?
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What is an Airport Ground Staff and how to become one?

What is an Airport Ground Staff and how to become one?

Airport Ground Staff – If you have ever traveled by plane in your lifetime, then you must have seen the airport from inside too.

And you must have also noticed that after entering the airport, you must have come in contact with many such staff members, from your ticket to luggage maintenance and all the information related to the care of your young children or elderly.

I will have come forward to give and help related. Such staff members present at the airport is called the ground staff of the airport. Ground staff employed in any airline and posted at any airport in India is a well-paid employee.

So if you also want to know what airport ground staff is and how to become airport ground staff, you will get complete information related here. So let us know what airport ground staff is and how to become one.

Airports ground staff is those employees employed in any airline and posted at an airport, who provide information to passengers on their tickets, boarding passes, baggage handling, flight time or delays, and other related tasks.

Therefore, the airport ground staff helps the passengers with the travel, comfort, and all the information and work related to them till they board the plane after entering the airport.

How to Become an Airport Ground Staff

There are a total of more than 100 domestic and international civil airports in India. And at all these airports, different ground staff employees and officers of many airlines like Air India, Vistara, SpiceJet, Indigo, etc., are employed.

Therefore, if we talk about the number of ground staff employees of all the airlines working at all the airports of India, then this number will come to several thousand. Hence job availability and opportunities as airport ground staff in India keep on being created and advertised from time to time.

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Eligibility to apply for the post of Airport Ground Staff

  • Educational Qualification: 12th Class Passed
  • Age Minimum: 18 Years & Maximum: 30 Years
  • Minimum Height Female: 157 cms & Male: Minimum 170 cms
  • Language Proficiency Hindi, English, and any other regional language
  • Experienced inexperienced can also apply

In addition to the above qualifications, the candidates should be physically fit and ready to work day and night shifts.  

The communication skills of the candidates should also be good.

If the candidate has job experience in a similar field, then it can be beneficial for them to get the job.

Airport Ground Staff Recruitment Process

If you possess the above qualifications and after applying you are selected for the appointment process, then you have to clear all the steps of the following recruitment process of the concerned airline to be appointed as Airport Ground Staff:  

  • Group discussion
  • Interview

How to Apply for Airport Ground Staff Jobs

You can go through various job websites in India or by writing “Airport Ground Staff’s Job” on Google or by visiting multiple airline companies in India such as Air India, Vistara, Air Asia, Indigo, etc. You can find and apply online by visiting the relevant link given there.

Airport ground staff’s salary

The starting salary of a newly appointed airport’s ground staff employee without any experience can be up to Rs 15000/- or Rs 20000/- per month. And as the experience keeps on increasing, then this monthly salary can range from Rs.50000/- to Rs.60000/-.


Through this article, you have got information related to what is an airport’s ground staff and how to become an airport ground staff employee. So if you have proper qualifications, you can apply for this post and get a job as ground staff at different airports of India.

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