5 Best Android Games like Minecraft under 200MB
Android Games Minecraft

5 Best Android Games like Minecraft under 200MB

5 Best Android Games like Minecraft under 200MB

When considering sandbox games, Minecraft is one of the main titles that ring a bell. Minecraft allows its players to enjoy loads of fun exercises, from making new constructions to investigating an open world. (Minecraft under 200MB)

Minecraft can likewise be appreciated on different stages.

5 best Android games like Minecraft under 200MB

1 – Super Crafting and Building 2020

Like Minecraft, this game gives its players materials to construct different designs. Players can connect with cordial livestock also.

Additionally, the game has endurance components, where players need to overcome beasts, zombies, and other antagonistic animals. If the players these animals effectively, they are properly compensated.

Size: 80 MB

Download it from here

2 – Mini Block Craft

This title sandbox game with endurance and building components will help players to remember Minecraft. Smaller than expected, Block Craft additionally offers a fascinating guide.

Players need to amass the essential assets for building houses. Players likewise need to shield themselves from zombies and different beasts.

Size: 26 MB

Download it from here

3 – PlanetCraft: Block Craft Games

This game supports building, investigation, and endurance components like Minecraft. The multiplayer mode permits players to partake in the game with companions.

The game offers blocks, instruments, weapons, and more as gear. This title has more than 10 million downloads on the Google Play Store.

Size: 127 MB

Download it from here

4 – LokiCraft 2

Like LokiCraft, the continuation additionally has some good times exercises that the players can enjoy. The 3D square world and pixelated illustrations are normal for Minecraft.

The UI is straightforward, and the controls are natural. From investigating to building dream houses, players will have their hands full.

Size: 43 MB

Download it from here

5 – Terraria

Terraria permit players to explore different avenues regarding structures like Minecraft. The game likewise urges players to investigate the world. There are 20 biomes and smaller than expected biomes that players can have a good time finding.

It has simple controls and basic interactivity. The game has a rating of 4.6 stars on the Google Play Store.

Size: 152 MB

Download it from here

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