5 Best Android Games like Minecraft under 500MB
Android Games Minecraft

5 Best Android Games like Minecraft under 500MB

Top 5 Best Android Games like Minecraft under 500MB

Minecraft is an extremely renowned sandbox computer game. It is effectively recognizable on account of its pixelated illustrations and square-like characters. Minecraft has endurance, investigation, and building components in its ongoing interaction. (5 Best Android Games like Minecraft under 500MB)

With regards to the portable gaming stage, the download size of Minecraft is just 500 MB. If players are looking for Android games like Minecraft under 500 MB, they have gone to the perfect spot.

5 best Android games like Minecraft under 500MB

1 – Block Craft 3D: Building Simulator Games For Free

Like Minecraft, players can fabricate different constructions in this title, which additionally has pixelated illustrations. Players need to pick their person and afterward begin building houses, palaces, and then some.

Players can utilize the squares presented by the game or make custom squares. They can investigate the towns occupied by their companions, sell their manifestations, and get jewels consequently.

Size: 59 MB

Download it here

2 – Mini Block Craft

This title is likewise a sandbox game with endurance and building components like Minecraft. Players can likewise investigate the guide and rout zombies and different beasts.

The game offers many squares that players can use to make their fantasy houses. The game has a rating of 4.1 stars and more than 50 million downloads on the Google Play Store.

Size: 26 MB

Download it here

3 – London Craft: Crafting and Building Exploration Game

This game is one of the greatest city-building titles. It allows players to partake in the feeling of London. London Craft offers players the chance to update well-known designs in the city.

Players have the freedom to walk anyplace they need or by utilizing vehicles like vehicles, metro, trains, and so on. The blocky and pixelated universe of this title will most likely help players remember Minecraft.

Size: 68 MB

Download it here

4 – LokiCraft

In this game, players can accumulate squares to construct interesting structures. Like Minecraft, the game gives its players assets to make different apparatuses and weapons.

The game has two fundamental modes: Creative mode and Survival mode. In the Survival mode, players should take up the job of a savage tracker and rout loads of beasts that block the way. (Minecraft under 500MB)

Size: 43 MB

Download it here

5 – MultiCraft – Build and Mine!

From guileful bugs to savage zombies, there are numerous beasts that players should overcome in this title. Players should construct a solid, safe house to secure themselves around evening time.

Like Minecraft, players can investigate, assemble, battle, and make due in this game. MultiCraft additionally have a speed increase mode that permits players to run quickly and a flight mode that permits players to fly. (Minecraft under 500MB)

Size: 19 MB

Download it from here

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