What is Animation and How to do Animation Course?
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What is Animation and How to do Animation Course?

What is Animation and How to do Animation Course?

If you want to know what animation is and are looking for answers to other questions related to energy like animation course, where to do animation course, fees for animation course and career options after animation course, etc.

So you will get all this information here. This article will give you information on animation, animation courses, the best educational institutes for animation courses, etc. So let us know what energy is and how to do an animation course.

What is animation?

Animation is a technique through which you can create a series of different still images to represent them as moving objects or moving humans/creatures.

And if you give those moving pictures sound too, it will look like a great result and example of animation. If you have seen any cartoon movie or cartoon serial, you can understand that it is an example of animation technique or animation art.

In today’s era, computer techniques and various software (Computer Generated Imagery (CGI), etc.) are mainly used for animation technology, but in olden times, hand-drawn painting or photography of pictures to make animation film or cartoon film, etc. Animation films were made through etc.

I understood in simple language that animation is a series of almost identical pictures seen in a sequence quickly; then, they appear as a moving picture.

Therefore, through animation, similar, almost similar-looking images are shown continuously in such a sequence, seeing that such an illusion is created that it is a moving creature or a human or some object.

Cartoon movies and serials are the best examples of animation. Both 2D or 3D movies can be made through animation techniques.

What is Animation Course

An animation course is a course in which students are taught and explained about the technique and art of rendering still images into a live form of a moving film.

In this course, students are taught the various software, design, and methods (CGI, etc.) used to make 2-dimensional (2D) and 3-dimensional (3D) animation films.

Further in this article, you can know about various and main animation courses and educational institutes in India.

Animation Course in India

Following are the various undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses of animation available in India:-

  • es (Animation) / Bachelor of Design in Animation
  • Des (Game Design) / Bachelor of Design in Game Designing
  • Sc. (Animation)
  • DDes (Graphic Design)
  • Des (Animation Film Design)
  • Sc / B.A. (Communication Design)
  • Des (Animation) / Master of Design (Animation)
  • Des (Graphic Design)
  • and, Des (Animation Film Design); etc

To get admission in most of the above graduation courses in animation, 12th class passed students from any faculty/subject from any recognized education board in India can apply.

But some universities / educational institutions put some minimum marks in 12th class condition, so before applying must check your eligibility.

The above written B.Sc. (Animation) course and B.Sc / B.A. (Communication Design) course duration are three years, and B.Des courses are of 4 years duration.

Apart from the undergraduate mentioned above and postgraduate courses, you can also do some diploma and certificate courses in animation. Some of the above animation courses can be done online or through correspondence.

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Best College for Animation Courses

Following are some of the best universities/colleges/educational institutions to offer various undergraduate and post-graduation courses in animation in India:-  

  • National Institute of Design (N.I.D.), Ahmedabad.
  • Vellore Institute of Technology University (V.I.T. University), Vellore.
  • Symbiosis Institute of Design, Pune.
  • Amity University, Mumbai / Noida / Mohali.
  • United world Institute of Design (Karnavati University), Gandhinagar.
  • Indian Institute of Fashion and Animation (IIFA), Bangalore.
  • Indian Institute of Art and Design, Delhi.
  • University Institute of Films and Visual Arts, Chandigarh University, Chandigarh.
  • Industrial Design Center, Indian Institute of Technology (I.I.T.), Mumbai.
  • Zee Institute of Creative Art (at various locations in India).

In most of the above institutions, 12th class passed students from any discipline can apply for admission. If you want to do some short certificate course in the field of animation, then you can also do it at the “National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology (NIELIT).”

How to do animation course?

Most institutes conduct their competitive entrance exam called D.A.T. (Design Aptitude Test) for admission to most animation design courses or related design bachelor’s degree courses in India.

Apart from the above exam, some educational institutes are the UCEED (Undergraduate Common Entrance Exam for Design) exam conducted by I.I.T. (Indian Institute of Technology), Mumbai, and G.A.T. (General Ability Test) conducted by NIFT (National Institute of Fashion Technology).

And also, through C.A.T. (Creative Ability Test) examinations, give admission to B.Des and other undergraduate courses in animation.

Most of the undergraduate courses in animation in India mainly teach and explain the following subjects:-  

  • Drawing
  • Craft design
  • Paintings
  • Visual graphics
  • Moving pictures design
  • Digital imaging
  • 2D photo design
  • 3D photo design
  • Photography
  • Animation film design techniques
  • Film media digital design tools
  • History of animation; etc
  • Animation Course Fees

The total fees for most of the undergraduate courses in animation design in India can range from Rs 50,000 to Rs 10 lakh. It is different for each educational institution, so the fee must be checked before admission to any institute.

Career Options After Animation Course

People working in the field of animation are called animators. You can work as an animator in the following areas after doing any of the above animation courses:-

  • In the field of film and T.V. (in companies making cartoon animation films and serials etc.).
  • And in the gaming industry (companies that make video games and gaming apps).
  • And in the advertising sector (in companies that make animation ads).
  • By creating your own YouTube channel (creating cartoon poems, stories, etc.) for kids.

In the field of animation, you can work not only as a 3D or 2D animator or character animator but also as following:-  

  • Modeler
  • Layout artist
  • Scanner operator
  • Compositor
  • Special effects artist
  • Texture artist
  • Image editor; etc.

Salary in the field of animation

After getting a job as an animator, you can get a salary from Rs 10000/- per month to Rs 20000/- per month initially. But if you are associated with the film industry or any T.V. channel or news channel etc., as an animator, then along with time and experience, your salary can also be up to Rs.100000/- (one lakh) per month.


Here in this article, you have been given information about animation, animation courses, main courses and educational institutes of energy in India, fees for animation courses, career options after animation courses and salary, etc.

Therefore, according to your ability and desire, you can make your future in the field of animation by taking admission in any animation course.

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