How to Airplay the Content on Your Apple TV Through iPhone
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How to Airplay the Content on Your Apple TV Through iPhone

How to Airplay the Content on Your Apple TV Through iPhone

Apple Inc. is a technology major company. Since its start, it has been manufacturing quality products. The variety in its products start from Macintosh computers and move with time to the MacBooks and then to the iPods and now here we are with iPhones and iPads. (Apple TV)

All these products are super hits since their launching. This company never compromises with its product quality and it’s been a big reason for its success. Not only the quality of product, the services it provides and the class in its range and many other things contribute to its name.

In this blog, we are telling you about a new and interesting feature that enables your Apple TV to get linked with your iPhone.

This is possible by the AirPlay mode. You can AirPlay your photos, videos, and music through your iPhone onto your television. There is also a feature to reflect your device’s screen onto your television screen; it means that you will be able to see the whole content of your phone on to your TV.

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Now, Follow The Below Mentioned Steps To Get Your Desired Results

  • First, you have to connect both your devices to the same Wi-Fi network to begin this process
  • To open the control center, you have to swipe your iOS device up from the bottom to see it.
  • Again swipe horizontally to see the current playing screen
  • Now, select the desired AirPlay machine that you want to get connected with. There is a list of such devices that are available which can get linked to your system
  • To get the device connected, tap the hotspot type icon to see the list and then choose the desired machine.
  • This way, both your devices are now connected and you will see the same content on both the devices.

You can contact Apple support from your phone to get any additional assistance. This support team can solve all your problems without wasting any time. They are trained enough to solve anything related to Apple and its products.

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