Asbestos Removal Preventing Asbestos Risks
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Asbestos Removal Preventing Asbestos Risks

Asbestos Removal Preventing Asbestos Risks

What is Asbestos?

Asbestos is a naturally occurring fiber that is generally mined from the ground. It was used prior to the year 2000 in the construction industry for various building materials.

Asbestos removal is considered the most appropriate way to ensure that properties built prior to this period are safe from exposure. Asbestos was popular because of its highly resilient properties to chemicals and heat.

Its disadvantage is that if it becomes cracked or broken the asbestos fibers become airborne and this is harmful once inhaled.

Protect from asbestos exposure

You can only inhale asbestos once it has become airborne. The fibers are not visible to the naked eye and only become airborne if the asbestos is broken, damaged, or disturbed.

Once inhaled the fibers will enter the lungs they are harmful to these areas causing respiratory diseases such as lung cancer, lung scarring, and mesothelioma. There is no known safe amount of asbestos that you can breathe.

Looking for asbestos

Not every product will be labeled as containing asbestos. Asbestos can be found in a range of items. These can be products like glues, cement boards, sidings, insulation, caulk, plaster, sheetrock, roofing, vinyl and linoleum flooring, and many others.

Asbestos Warnings

If you believe any property to potentially contain asbestos then place warning signs. Especially put up warning signs where a building is known to contain asbestos and it has been recently disturbed or tampered with.

This should protect people from coming into contact with asbestos unnecessarily. Asbestos removal companies are the best way to ensure that you remove asbestos from your property safely and correctly.

Get help with asbestos

Due to the hazards and dangers of contact with asbestos, it is best to get help from an asbestos removal company. This is the safest way to handle asbestos as these companies employ a team of highly experienced and skilled technicians.

What you should do

Before any restoration, home improvements, or major building works you should have your property checked for asbestos. This can be achieved by hiring an asbestos removal company that will be able to remove any asbestos which they find.

Where can you find asbestos in your home?

It was due to the versatility, effective constructive properties, and cheap production that asbestos was used in a wide range of building products found all around the home today.

It is most commonly found in areas such as slabs and floor covering, sheets, ducts and pipes, vinyl tiles, hung ceiling tiles, electrical insulation, ventilation shafts, plumbing pipes, and plaster.

Asbestos Removal

The law often requires that asbestos removal is undertaken by a professional who is trained and skilled to the highest procedural requirements. This is to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

Usually, homeowners are advised to have asbestos consultants carry out an asbestos survey of the building to detect any traces of the material. If your home requires asbestos removal it can be a complex procedure that requires the expertise of a professional.

Therefore you should never attempt to remove asbestos yourself to avoid putting yourself at risk.

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