How to become Paytm Service Agent and earn money?
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How to Become Paytm Service Agent and Earn Money?

How to Become Paytm Service Agent and Earn Money?

Whether you are a student or a person doing a private job or business, if you are looking for a means of additional income along with your studies/job/business, then you can get that extra income by becoming a Paytm Service Agent.

After becoming a Paytm Service Agent, you can work at any time as per your convenience and earn money through commission received from Paytm company in return for the work done.

One essential thing related to Paytm Service Agent is that he can do most of the work related to it sitting at home. Here in this article, you will be explained the complete process of becoming a Paytm Service Agent and applying for it.

And also, it will be told how and how much money you can earn by becoming a Paytm service agent. So let’s know how to become Paytm Service Agent and make money by becoming Paytm Service Agent.

What is Paytm Service Agent?

Before knowing Paytm Service Agent, it is essential to know about Paytm. Considering the popularity of Paytm in India, it is unlikely that you do not know about Paytm.

Paytm is one of the largest platforms in India for money payments and commerce through mobile. Using Paytm, you can transfer money online instantly to anyone at zero cost.

That is, you can transfer money or money to anyone through an online medium with the help of a mobile phone only without doing cash transactions using Paytm.

Apart from online money transfer, Paytm also provides many other online services to its customers like online bill payment, insurance installment payment, movie/rail/air-plane ticket booking, FASTag, etc.

And Paytm Service Agent is the person who finds the customer for the various services offered by them to the Paytm Company and reaches those customers as per their requirement for the various technical / non-technical goods (QR code, card machine, etc.) of the Paytm Company.

Also delivers along with this Paytm Service Agent, online bill payments, online insurance installment payments, etc., for existing customers of Paytm.

A Paytm service agent can do most of the above work through an online medium as per his convenience sitting at home.

What is the work of Paytm Service Agent?

The main functions of Paytm Service Agent are:-

  • To take the online money transfer facility offered by Paytm Company, find customer/shopkeeper, etc., to Paytm Company.
  • Delivery of Paytm QR code to the shop of shopkeepers who want to make money online through Paytm.
  • Selling Paytm products like soundbox, card machine.
  • Finding customers for Paytm FASTag and selling FASTag to them.
  • Recharge mobile phones, pay electricity bills, book train, flight, or hotel tickets for Paytm customers, etc.

What is the eligibility to become a Paytm Service Agent?

No educational qualification is required to become a Paytm Service Agent. But while applying online, the Paytm Company has not given the option to the candidates to fill the educational qualification less than 10th class/diploma.

Therefore, it can be indirectly assumed that the minimum educational qualification to become a Paytm Service Agent is 10th class or any other certification.

To become a Paytm Service Agent, candidates must have the following documents/qualifications:-  

  • Aadhar Card.
  • An android phone.
  • Minimum age 18 years.
  • Certificate of any educational qualification (10th / Diploma or other maximum educational qualification, whichever is).
  • The nominal fee is prescribed for registration.
  • A selfie while applying.

How to Apply to become Paytm Service Agent?

To become a Paytm Service Agent, candidates can click on this link and apply online by filling in the asked details.

To apply online, candidates have to fill in their basic information like name, gender, state, city, pin code, e-mail id, mobile number, educational qualification, date of birth, etc.

After filling in the above details, you have to choose any one of the various options given against the following questions:-

Do you have an android phone?  

Days and timings for conducting online training sessions through webinars  

Where did you get to know about becoming a Paytm Service Agent?

After filling in all the above entries, you can submit the details by clicking on the “Submit” button.

Once your details have been submitted, Paytm Company will verify the details entered by you within a time of one to two weeks and may contact you via phone or e-mail if found correct in the verification.

After that, you can be appointed as Paytm Service Agent after a short and effortless evaluation process or after testing your intelligence and speech by any other means.

After submitting your required documents/registration fees and doing a little online training, you can start working as Paytm Service Agent by getting a Paytm Service Agent kit.

How to earn money by becoming Paytm Service Agent?

By becoming a Paytm Service Agent, you can get daily, a weekly or monthly commission from Paytm Company for the following works/services:-

  • By providing consumer services (bill payment, ticket booking, etc.).
  • We are finding new customers (shoppers, buyers, etc.).
  • By providing services related to FASTag; etc.

Of the above, finding new customers (shoppers, buyers, etc.) has the highest commission, and providing consumer services (bill payment, ticket booking, etc.) has the lowest commission.

What is the salary of a Paytm Service Agent?

Paytm Service Agent has no fixed salary and earns through commission. The more services you provide as a Paytm Service Agent, the more commission you can make.

According to this link of the Paytm company website, a Paytm Service Agent can easily earn up to Rs.30,000/- per month.


Here we have tried to give you complete information about “How to become Paytm Service Agent and earn money by becoming Paytm Service Agent.”

By taking advantage of this information, eligible candidates can earn a decent amount by working full-time or part-time as a Paytm Service Agent.

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