Car Insurance Terms and Glossary
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Car Insurance Terms and Glossary

Car Insurance Terms and Glossary

No car insurance service can be eliminated without a comprehensive list of car insurance policies. We’ve compiled a list of words and their meanings to help you navigate the confusing insurance world sometimes


This is an unforeseen event that causes damage to property in a vehicle or personal injury. The event may or may not be faulty and may not be reported or not reported. An accident involving two cars can be called a collision.

Accident Report Form

This is a police report, often referred to as a police report, which contains important information about a car crash. The report will include the names of all the people involved, the vehicles involved, the damaged property, and the complaints lodged.


This is the person who will investigate the actual losses reported in the policy after an accident or other incident. They will decide how much to pay for car insurance.


This is a licensed and qualified person who is authorized to sell and provide insurance policies for a car insurance company.


This is the amount you, the policy owner, contributed or caused an automatic collision. This determines which insurance company pays what portion of the loss.

Auto Insurance Score

This is a school-like credit school that checks the details of your consumer credit report. These schools are used to determine the policy price of your car insurance policy.

Bad marks in your credit report can increase your car insurance premiums. The use of this information to determine policy pricing varies from province to province.

Automobile Insurance

This is a type of insurance that covers and protects against losses involving cars. Auto Insurance policies include a wide range of availability depending on the needs of policymakers.

Liability for property and physical injuries, unverified motor vehicle driver, medical bills, complete and collision are some of the common items found under the car insurance policy.


This is a short-term policy agreement that was put in place when a formal policy was formally adopted or submitted.

Injury Liability

This is the category of coverage that covers costs for anyone who may be injured. It can include lost pay and medical expenses.


This is a licensed person who sells and provides various insurance policies.


This is an official notice made to your insurance company that any losses may be incurred under the terms of the auto insurance policy.

Claims Adjuster

This person hired by the insurance agency will investigate and pay all claims and losses. Representative of the insurance agency to ensure and ensure that all those involved in the loss, receive compensation properly and properly.


The part of an insurance policy that covers your car’s damage to a collision. Items may be included but not limited; another car, a building, curbs, guards, a tree, a fence post, or a fence.

Withdrawals will be deducted. Your insurance company will follow the insurance policy of other parties for these costs in the event of an error.


This is part of a car insurance policy paid by an insurance agent for selling and assisting policy on behalf of a company.


This is part of an insurance policy that covers losses caused by anything other than a collision or collision with something else. Withdrawals will be deducted. These include but are not limited to vandalism, storm damage, fire, theft, etc.

Combined Loss

This is your personal, personal or material damage to your property covered by your motor insurance policy.

Announcement Page

This is the part of the insurance policy that includes all your insurance company’s official name, your full legal name, full vehicle details including vehicle identification or VINs, policy details, policy number, deductible prices. This page is usually the front cover page.


This is part of a car insurance policy that the policy owner must pay before the Insurance Company can offer and is expected to pay any benefits. This amount can range in price range and varies from about $ 100 – $ 1000.

The larger the amount you pay in the bill will cost your standard monthly/annual policy. This is part of a car insurance policy that will only apply to a full merger or collision.


This is a reduction in the total cost of your insurance policy. Deductions can be provided for a variety of reasons including a good driving record, grades, age, marital status, specific features, and vehicle safety equipment.

Emergency Road Service

This is part of a car insurance policy that covers the cost of emergency services such as low tires, car keys, and towing services.


This is any written change made to a motor insurance policy that adds or removes coverage to the policy.


This is part of a car insurance policy that includes any provision that includes people, places, or items that are not covered under an insurance policy.

Group One

This is the policyholder, the policy insurer.

Gap Insurance

This is a type of car insurance offered to people who rent or own a car that costs less than the loan amount. Gap auto Insurance will take into account the value between the actual car value and the amount remaining on the loan if the car is stolen or damaged.

High-Risk Driver

If you have various negative signs on your insurance record including driving under the Influence, several road violations, etc. You can be called a risk to the insurance company. This will increase your insurance policy or may disqualify you from being available.


The policyholder (s) are covered by the benefits of the policy in the event of a loss or accident.


Is it an Auto Insurance company that promises to pay the policyholder in the event of a loss or accident.

Liability insurance

This is the part of car insurance that legally covers the damage and damage caused to other drivers and their vehicles in the event of an accident. If you are sued and taken to court, debt coverage will apply to your legal costs incurred.

Many states will require drivers to manage a variety of credit insurance coverage and this number will vary by state.


This is part of a car insurance policy that sets out and sets limits on the amount an insurance company will pay. If you meet these limits, the policy owner will incur all other costs.

Availability of Medical Payments

This is part of a car insurance policy that pays for medical expenses and loses payment to you and other passengers in your car after an accident. Also known as personal injury protection or PIP.

Motor Vehicle Report

A motor vehicle or MVR report is a record issued by the country in which the owner of the policy resides which will state the status of the licenses, any traffic violations, various suspensions, and./ or the issuance of your record.

This is one of the tools used to determine the prices paid by the insurance agency. This is used to determine if you are likely to have a claim during your policy.

No-Fault Insurance

If you live within a state with flawed laws and insurance policies, your auto insurance policy pays for your injuries no matter who caused the accident.

Accurate insurance conditions include; Florida, Hawaii, Kansas, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Utah, and Washington, DC.


This is the termination of a car insurance policy on a given expiration date. All coverage will expire from this date and the insurance will be released with the promised coverage.

Personal Property Liability

This is part of a car insurance policy that covers any damage or loss caused by personal property.

Personal Injury Protection or PIP

This part of the car insurance policy pays for any lost or medical expenses for you and other passengers in your car following an accident. PIP is also known as the coverage of medical bills.


This is the amount you are charged monthly, annually, or at any time agreed upon by the insurance company and the policyholder and paid directly to the car insurance company.

The premium is based on the type and amount of cover you have chosen for your cars and you. Other factors that will affect your insurance prices include your age, marital status, driving and credit report, the type of car you are driving, and whether you live in an urban or rural area. Premiums vary depending on the insurance company and your area.


This is the amount or estimated amount that the insurer will charge based on information provided to the agent, dealer, or car insurance company.


This is a cancellation of the insurance policy that was reversed to the date it took effect. This will result in a refund of the full amount paid.

Reimbursement Fees

This is part of a car insurance policy that covers the cost of renting a car of the same size if a covered car is to be repaired from a reported incident.

Replacement Costs

This is the amount of money that will cost to replace a lost or damaged item with the new replacement value. This amount of money will be based on the same item in the current local market.


This is a building for car insurance owners that has been converted into an insurance agency in the last loss. Insurance companies will sell the reserve in the hope that they will recover some of the money lost through the loss.


This is a real insurance company in the car insurance policy.

Additional charges

This is the amount added to the premium of your insurance policy after a traffic violation or accident where you were found to be at fault.


This is a person other than the policy owner and the car insurance company who has suffered losses and is unable to collect and compensate for the negligence of the policyholder.

Total Loss

This is the destruction of the policyholder’s insurance property. It was decided that it would be a huge sum of money to repair the item instead of replacing the unprotected property in its original condition before it was lost.

Library Layout

This is part of a car insurance policy that covers a specified number of towing services and related service costs.

Under the Driver’s Insurance

This is part of a car insurance policy that covers your injuries caused by a driver who does not have enough insurance to cover medical expenses incurred in an accident. This is part of a policy that may vary from country to country as some states include car crashes in this category.

Uninsured Driver or Car Driver

This is part of a car insurance policy that covers your injuries caused by a driver who did not have credit insurance at the time of the accident.

The discovery of an unsafe driver or driver goes through two distinct stages; unrestricted physical damage to the driver and non-verbal damage to the insured property.

Unconfirmed driver disability protection includes your injury or that of any passenger in your vehicle in the event of an accident with an unverified driver.

Unconfirmed driver’s property protection covers the cost of property damage to your vehicle in the event of an accident with an uncertified driver identified.

The availability of an unsafe driver or driver should be provided when purchasing the required credit coverage for your vehicle. You must sign a declaration of refusal if you refuse to cover the unprotected driver or driver’s license.

Most countries require drivers to handle certain types of unverified driver availability. Some states include damage to your car in this installation.

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