How to Become a Car Mechanic?
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How to Become a Car Mechanic

How to Become a Car Mechanic?

A car mechanic is a person who mainly takes care of the engine of a car or any other four-wheeler or repairs any engine defect. Other main tasks of a car mechanic include the maintenance, repair, and maintenance of automobile electrical systems.

If you also want to know how to become a car mechanic, you will get all the information related to your curiosity. So let’s understand how to become a car mechanic.

Which course to do to become a car mechanic?

To become a car mechanic, candidates who have passed class 10th (10th class) can do a motor vehicle mechanic course from any recognized Industrial Training Institute (ITI) in India.

This course is available in almost all ITI institutes in India, and its duration is two years in most states. In some states, the duration of the above course may be of 1 year.

In most states, admission to this course is made according to the merit list prepared based on marks obtained in class 10th (10th class). But in some states, access can also be given in ITI courses based on the entrance examination.

Different names may also be known in other states, such as Auto Mechanic Course or Motor Mechanic Course.

In these courses, you are given practical training and studies, through which you get all the information about engines and other parts of cars and other four-wheelers.

Therefore, after 10th, by doing a certificate course in motor mechanics from ITI, students have the best option to become motor mechanics.

Job options as a car mechanic

After doing the course of Motor Mechanic from any ITI after class X, candidates have the following options of jobs:  

  • Getting a job in a car company’s service center.
  • Working in a car repair shop.
  • Working in a car garage.
  • Opening your service center/garage / spare parts shop.
  • Working in a car spare parts manufacturing company.

How to become a car mechanic

Syllabus of Motor Mechanic Course of ITI

The following courses are mainly taught and taught in the Motor Mechanic course from any ITI:

  • Engine tuning
  • Engine inspection
  • Calculate the cost of money
  • Engine assembly
  • Engine opening and connecting
  • Workshop and laboratory work
  • Maintenance and repair of automobile electrical systems; etc

Car mechanic salary

The salary of a car mechanics also depends on his job and company. But if you are working as a mechanic in a good car company, then your starting salary can range from Rs 10000/- to Rs 20000/-. And if you want to open your service center or garage, its earning depends on your skill, experience, etc.

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Through the above article, you will have got all the information related to becoming a car mechanic. Therefore, you can become a car mechanic by gaining admission to the relevant course in ITI.

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