10 Best Career Options for Girls and Women in India
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10 Best Career Options for Girls and Women in India

10 Best Career Options for Girls and Women in India

Career Options for Girls – As far as career is concerned, most of the career options in India are equally available to both women and men. But some career options in India appear and are most suitable for women.

Apart from this, there are some career options in which women or girls are more dominant than men. Here in this article, we will know about some such career options which are best or considered more suitable for women or in which women are more dominant. So let us know which are the ten best career options for girls/women in India.

10 best career options for girls/women in India

Now we will tell you about the ten best career options for women/girls in India, which are as follows:-


Among the various career options available in India, making a career as a teacher or teacher is one of the best options for women. If you are appointed a teacher at any level in a government institution, then the starting salary is also excellent, increasing with time.

And if you are proficient in your subject, you can also get a good salary in any private educational or coaching institute. By working as a teacher, you can create a better future for thousands of millions of students in your lifetime.


If we look at India’s doctors, we will find many male and female doctors in every city. Therefore, there is equal participation of male and female doctors in the medical field.

But there are some specializations in the medical profession in which you will mostly see women doctors. Paramount among those specializations is the gynecologist. A gynecologist doctor is called a Gynecologist in the English language.

Most of the Gynecologists in India are women. Therefore, Gynecology is an excellent option for women in the medical profession. Otherwise, becoming a doctor of any specialization is also a great career option for women.


If you wish to do health-related services and are deprived of admission in the medical course, the nursing field is also an excellent option for women.

You can also make a significant contribution to the health-related services of India by becoming a nurse. In the nursing sector in India, more female nurses can be seen than men.

Air Hostess

If you want to touch the sky with a good salary, you can choose Air Hostess as your career option. Both men and women can be appointed on the air hostess job, and the men posted in the respective post are called flight attendants.

But this is an area that women dominate, and air hostesses in any airline or aircraft are either more or 100 percent than the flight steward. Therefore, one of the best career options for women is to become an air hostess.

Fashion Designer

Fashion Designing: Another career field where more women can be seen than men. But this does not mean that men are not found at all in the field of fashion designing.

In India, many well-known men are counted as the best fashion designers in fashion designing all over the world. But there are more possibilities and options for women in the field of fashion designing.

How to Become an Actor

Journalist / News Reporter

If you watch the news, you must have seen many such well-known journalists on various news channels counted among the best journalists or news reporters in India.

In today’s era, women are walking shoulder to shoulder with men in journalism; that is, women journalists are not behind men in any journalism field (work, acceptability, integrity, salary, etc.). Therefore journalism is also a great career option for women.

Beauty and Cosmetics Sector

Women also dominate compared to men in doing jobs or business related to beauty and cosmetics. Be it marketing, sales, etc., related to beauty and cosmetics or the company of beauty parlor, most of these jobs and professions can be seen working.

Yoga and fitness trainer

There is equal participation of women and men in the field of yoga and fitness training. But women are also making a unique contribution in giving yoga and fitness training or training.

You can do a job in any educational institute or open your yoga training center in this field. But for this, you have to be proficient in the field of yoga and fitness yourself. Therefore, the area of yoga and fitness training is also a good career option for women.


In this age of the internet, many women are also earning good money through online freelancing jobs sitting at home.

To get an online appointment or online work in any field related to freelancing, you should have proficiency or knowledge in the related field. The following are the main options among the online freelancing job options:  

  • Writing
  • Typing
  • Translator
  • Content writer
  • Purifier, etc.

Government Job

In today’s era, from the most miniature post to the highest government post like IAS, many women are working and making their essential contributions in the service of the country.

Therefore, getting an appointment in any government post or any government job is also a good career option for women. Here we are counting the jobs in the banking sector only in government jobs, but jobs in the banking sector are government and private.

Therefore, government jobs and jobs in the banking sector are also excellent career options for women.


Here in this article, we have told you about the best career options for girls/women in India and hope this information will be beneficial for you in choosing your career option.

So take advantage of this information and choose a better career option according to your qualifications and desires.

But keep in mind that apart from the career mentioned above options, there are many other options in India for both women and men; check those options before reaching any conclusion.

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