Difference Between BSF vs CRPF vs ARMY
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Difference Between BSF vs CRPF vs ARMY

Difference Between BSF vs CRPF vs ARMY

The Indian Army and the Central Armed Police Force are two such departments in India responsible for India’s security arrangements and the Indian border areas.

Although our Indian Army is working under the Ministry of Defense, the same departments of Central Armed Forces like CRPF, ITBT, BSF, Assam Rifles, SSB, etc., come under the Ministry of Home Affairs.

These departments are always ready for Indian security; However, this department is entirely different. The safety and salary they get are also additional, but both are essential in protecting the country.

The Indian Army takes over the front during the war. However, the same paramilitary forces are responsible for the security of the VIP security in the time of peace in the border areas, for internal security in the country, combating terrorism, and stopping terrorist activities.

BSF vs. Army vs. CRPF

Both BSF and CRPF are two different departments of the Central Arms Police Force, both work under the Ministry of Home Affairs, but still, they have some unique functions, which are as follows.

BSF or Border Security Force

Border Security Force (Border Security Force) is one of the significant paramilitary forces of the country. This team was formed in 1965, and now it has the reputation of the most critical security force in all the nations.

The responsibility of the soldiers involved in this team is to constantly look after the border areas of their country at the time of peace and prevent international crime from happening on the border.

This department has also taken the responsibility of avoiding border crimes like smuggling, infiltration, and other illegal activities on its shoulders.

Do you know that the border of our country is spread over an area of ​​6385.36 km, which includes deserts, rivers, and snow areas, and the BSF personnel protect these areas at all times under all circumstances and provide security to the people living in those areas? It makes you feel.

CRPF or the Central Reserve Police Force

The full name of CRPF is Central Reserve Police Force. It is the largest of the Armed Police Forces of India and is responsible for maintaining law and assisting police action in terrorism.

This department of Indian security had come into existence even before independence, and in 1939 it was recognized as the Crown Representative Police.

After this, after the independence of India, the CRPF Act came into force in 1949. With 230 battalions, it is the most significant force in our country.

Difference Between BSF and CRPF

Both these security forces work under the Ministry of Home Affairs, but the formation of CRPF dates back to pre-independence.

At the same time, BSF was formed in 1965 after the inability to deal with threats in the border areas in the Indo-Pak war.

The work of BSF is to guard our border in times of peace, while the job of CRPF is to maintain public order and internal security while maintaining the supremacy of the Constitution, maintaining national integrity and stability in society, and keeping the law in mind.

At present, BSF has 188 battalions. About 2.4 lakh soldiers are part of it, the first wall of defense of Indian territories; CRPF is also an extensive department with 246 companies, and about 165000 personnel are employed.

In this way, you can understand how big the responsibility of Indian security is. We only know and understand the Indian Army very well, but many departments are putting their lives at risk in Indian security apart from these.

When the soldiers of other departments give their services at the time of peace and elsewhere, then only after completing their training, the soldiers of the Indian Army perform their best in the time of war and protect the parts of India by playing on their lives. Hail India.

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