Essay on Plastic Ban in India
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Essay on Plastic Ban in India

Essay on Plastic Ban in India

Plastic Ban in India Essay, Item Product List, Effects, Solutions, Country, Slogan, Speech, Quotes, Use, Recycling

Today, there is a lot of discussion in our country regarding the ban on plastic. The Government of India has issued a decree that on the coming 150th anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, they should use single-use plastic—going to start shutting down completely.

And expressed hope that by the year 2022, the country will be free from such plastics. Modi Jihad announced this in this year’s Independence Day speech.

This news is now raising questions in people’s minds: What are these single-use plastics, and why are they banned. So let us give you all the information related to single-use plastic through this article.

Plastic products are preferred because they are straightforward to use. Once used, it is thrown away. That’s why they are also very cheap.

But let us tell you that the more accessible and cheap plastic is to use, the more it harms our environment. And if there is no environment, then our life will also end, so a campaign is being run to ban plastic on the world star.

In our country too, a ban has been imposed on such plastics which are of single-use, which is, once used, it cannot be used again.

What is single-use plastic?

We can also call single-use plastic disposable plastic. This means that when we use products made of any plastic that we cannot use again after using them once, all those products are single-use plastic products.

The primary basis of such products is petroleum. It takes significantly less money, so it has become the most used product today.

Although it does not cost much to buy and use it, let us tell you that when you throw it after using it once, a lot of money is spent on its garbage, cleaning and destroying it. And the harm it causes to the world is different.

Plastic ban products

The most common single-use plastics are carried bags, plastic water bottles, plastic bottle caps, cups, plates, disposable products, empty food packets, plastic grocery bags, plastic water pouches, plastic wrappers, Straw and other types of plastic bags, etc.

Along with this, some main polymers have to be used to produce such plastics. Some of the main polymers involved are HDPE, LDPE, PET, PP, PS, EPS, etc.

Why are plastics bad

Today it has become the most used item due to its cheap purchase. Because today people adopt the policy of ‘use and throw’ more, but you will not be aware that the environment has recycled only 9 percent of the world’s 9 billion tons of plastic.

And most of the rest of the plastic waste gets into the oceans through waterways. Plastics are not a naturally degrading product. Instead, they gradually break down into tiny pieces of plastic called microplastics.

Yet, it does not perish. A chemical element is found in it, which, together with the soil, reaches the reservoir through the waterway, and it harms the living beings there.

It neither dissolves in the earth nor in water. For this reason, plastics are very harmful and perishable.

Effect of plastic

What are the effects of single-use plastic? Let’s know  

Some plastic products like bags, etc., take a long time decomposing. And in the meantime, it pollutes both our soil and water.  

Some toxic chemicals manufacture plastics that first convert into animal tissue and then enter the human food chain. Then by consuming these foods, it reaches our body and affects it too.

If such plastic is ingested by animals or by humans, it can cause significant damage to their nervous system, lungs, and some other organs.  

Apart from the living beings and the human body, it also affects the environment. For example, when plastic products are found in the soil, the dangerous chemicals also get mixed in the ground. Due to this, when trees and plants are planted in that soil or those generated by themselves, it hurts them. 

Today, a lot of plastic is being found in the sea, due to which if the current trend is seen, then by the year 2050, plastic will be more visible in the ocean than the animals, which is not a good thing for the environment and aquatic animals at all.

Therefore, plastic waste hurts almost all animal species, humans, and the environment. Once a video became viral about a sea turtle with a plastic straw-like substance stuck in its nostrils.

And what happened to him because of that? That’s where it was shown in the video. And since then, the main reason for banning plastic products has come to the fore.

What to use instead of plastic

Instead of single-use plastics, you can focus on factors such as recycling rate, safety, weight, transportability, and affordability. You can easily use some other things in place of plastic-like –

Using plastic water bottles, you can use metal bottles like glass, copper, and clay.

If you are using cups, plates, straws, and other similar products made of plastic, you should stop using it immediately and use paper or such products that can be recycled instead.  

These days’ plastic bags are pretty visible in the market, but instead, you buy a carry bag made of cloth or jute from the market and take it with you.  

Apart from all these things, instead of a plastic spoon or knife, use a steel knife and a wooden spoon and knife.

In addition, you can also buy items in bulk to avoid plastic packaging and recycle as much as possible.

In addition, there are alternatives to some products that very few people are aware of, for example, BOPP films, which not many people in the industry are aware of but have high transparency and can be used as an anti-moisture agent—considered a good source. Hence it can be used to cover a product.

Ban on plastic bags

Plastic bags are commonly used by people every day, but you know that plastic bags have been banned but still in everyday life, we ​​do not know how many times we use plastic bags.

Banning plastic bags is very important for our environment and our health. Because plastic bags are becoming a threat to our lives day by day.

Toxic chemicals shape the commonly made plastic bags, which significantly impact both our health and nature. Now think in such a situation when the food items come in plastic bags and when we eat them, how many diseases they must have caused inside our body.

In today’s time, non-biodegradable waste is increasing, due to which terrible diseases like cancer have also started to arise. So to prevent serious problems and diseases, first of all, it is necessary to ban plastic bags.

Countries to ban plastics

Many countries in the world have banned plastic. Let us give you information about it-

  • Antigua and Bermuda in 2016
  • China in 2017
  • Colombia in 2017
  • Romania in 2018
  • Senegal in 2015
  • Rwanda in 2008
  • South Korea in January 2019
  • Zimbabwe in 2017
  • Tunisia in the year 2017
  • Samoa in January 2019
  • Bangladesh in 2002
  • Cameroon in 2014
  • Albania in 2018
  • Georgia in 2018
  • India in October 2019

Plastic ban in India

In other countries where the manufacturing and use of single-use plastics have been banned, another name will be included in the list: our country India.

Yes, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had talked about many issues on Independence Day this year, one of which was to ban plastic products that cannot be reused. He told people about its disadvantages and urged them not to use it.

And it has also been said that this campaign will be started on the 150th birth anniversary of the Father of the Nation of our country.

And at the same time, due to this campaign, he has set the goal that in the year 2022, our India will become a one-time plastic-free country.

Therefore, from the second of October on Gandhi Jayanti, it will now be considered illegal to use such plastic in India.

Although it was already announced that the manufacturing of single-use plastic should be stopped, there are 18 states of India like Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Odisha, and Madhya Pradesh that have banned the manufacturing of plastic bags. Soon this process will be implemented all over India.

Use of plastic

The use of plastic is also increasing daily, now like taking a water bottle or any other item. More than 11 kg of things are being used as plastic by a person every year if one figure is seen.

This figure is from India; if we look at the statistics of the whole world, then a person uses more than 28 kg of plastic per year. The use of plastic in such large quantities is hazardous for our health.

Today, plastic is used for plastic spoon toothbrush plate glass cub bags, water drinking bottles, etc. After using this plastic, when we throw it here and there, you know that its decomposition process takes more than 400 years.

This means that if we are using plastic today, then our future generation will have to suffer its loss for 400 years.

Benefits of plastic

Not only are the disadvantages of using plastic but there also some benefits which are as follows:-  


Plastic can be cast into any shape, and it can also be used very quickly in any manner. Plastic is used daily to mobilize various types of resources.  


Minimal cost is required to make anything from plastic. Apart from this, it is expensive if something is made from cloth or paper.

Therefore, plastic is very beneficial because different products like polythene, toys, etc., can be made less.  

Sturdy & Durable

Long-lasting is a product that is entirely waterproof and easy to use. Its most significant advantage is that it can be easily cleaned and kept with care. 

Water-resistant and odorless

One of its advantages is that it cannot be spoiled by water, nor does it smell. At the same time, water can also be stored for a long time in a plastic vessel. 

Recycle and Reuse:- Plastic can be twisted into any new shape and reused. Today, plastic is being reused, recycled, and brought into the market by making new products.

Damage from plastic

Plastic also causes a lot of damage to us, some of which we are going to tell you here, for different organisms and also for the environment:-

For health

We have to eat food in plastic utensils, and keeping food in it for a long time can lead to many serious diseases. Plastic is shaped by making some different types of toxic chemicals, due to which it has a direct effect on health.

For the environment

Once the plastic is handled and thrown here, it goes into the ground and makes it barren after it is considered harmful.

Also, going into the water contaminates it; apart from this, many other effects are very harmful to the environment, which are seen due to plastic.

For sea creatures

In today’s time in the seawater, many dirty substances like plastic are given which if a sea creature swallows; then there is a lot of damage on its health, many times those animals die. The pier is reached.

For animals

It is seen well that people collect the garbage of their homes in polythene etc., and keep them outside, which the animals start eating.

In such a situation, animals swallow poisonous plastic bags, etc., due to which various types of diseases and problems arise in their stomach and other parts of the body. 

Land Pollution

Toxic chemicals present in plastic are so dangerous that sometimes the land gets a lot of damage. Sometimes, the plastic around the ground catches fire quickly due to heat or various substances.  

Water Pollution

We use so much polythene daily in domestic use that we throw them here and after that use, due to which many times they get deposited in the drain and can deposit it.

After leaving here, they get mixed in big troughs, and due to polythene, the acid released from plastic and other toxins like water get mixed. Due to this, the problem of water pollution is increasing all over the world.  

Climate change

Our environment is becoming significantly polluted due to polythene. Mixing in the soil contaminates the soil, and mixing in the water pollutes the water. Polythene is becoming the biggest reason for the increasing change in the climate day by day.

Plastic recycling

Many different types of things are made by recycling the waste from plastic.  

  • Plastic bucket, tub
  • Plastic pipe
  • Plastic has also been used in road construction
  • It is also used to make decoration things
  • Mat is made by recycling plastic

How to stop using plastic

We have to stop the use of plastic gradually. Only then will we save our environment and health. To prevent the use of plastic, we should adopt the following measures.  

While going to the market, take your bag from your home and not bring goods from the market in plastic polythene.  

  • Make everyone aware of banning the purchase of plastic.
  • Resist buying products made of plastic.
  • Use a cloth bag or paper bag instead of a plastic bag.
  • After using plastic, use it for recycling so that it does not harm the environment.
  • The government should take essential steps to use plastic so that people can also become aware of it.
  • Plastic should be made expensive so that people neither buy nor use it.

Interesting facts on plastic ban

A report in the journal Down to Earth shows that about 16.5 million tonnes of plastic are used in India every year.

The European Union also plans to completely ban some plastic items such as straws, forks, knives, cotton buds, etc., in the coming 1-2 years.

Let us tell you that more than 300 million plastic bags are used in the world every year, out of which only 10-13 percent of plastic bags are recycled, the rest are found in the sea.

Plastic ban ideas  

  • Plastic supports our hands, but not plastic has spoiled our world.
  • Stop using plastic to save the earth.
  • Give a new look to plastic, which changes the nature of nature.
  • Make the earth pollution-free with plastic, take the coming generation towards new light.


Plastic is a material that is made up of certain chemicals. Therefore to use it means to harm nature. And this has to put the lives of animals and humans in danger.

That’s why we also request you to stop using plastic and save yourself and the world from the pollution caused by it.


Q: Which is the first state to ban plastic?

Ans: Sikkim

Q: What can we do to minimize the overuse of plastic?

Ans: By using fewer plastic bags, polythene, and utensils, we can save the environment.

Q: When did plastic stop?

Ans: It has been banned many times, but it has not stopped entirely yet.

Q: What are the types of plastics?

Ans: Thermoplastic and thermosetting

Q: What are the examples of thermosetting plastics?

Ans: Bakelite and Melamine

Q: What is the use of plastic?

Ans: Plastic carry bags, utensils, disposable bowls, plates, spoons, low glasses, etc.

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