Stop Looking for a Fast Weight Loss Fix
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Stop Looking for a Fast Weight Loss Fix

Stop Looking for a Fast Weight Loss Fix

The faster you try to lose weight the faster you fail. If you want to lose pounds and keep the weight off make healthy changes to your lifestyle. (Fast Weight Loss Fix)

All those magazine articles about weight loss, which promise that you will drop a dress size in a few weeks, are very seductive.

You know that, if you follow the plan to the letter, you will lose weight and because they generally include both a diet plan and an exercise routine you will become a little more toned too.

How many of those articles have you cut out and intended to follow? And how many have you stuck with?

Most are just too stringent to keep going for any more than a day or two. They are too much of a complete change in your lifestyle. If you spent the next month doing this for yourself, then you would probably succeed.

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Fast Weight Loss Fix

But most of us have multiple demands on our time and energy, juggling families and work, with little time left to devote to an entirely new weight loss regime even for a few weeks.

And what happens after you drop a dress size, should you manage to keep going on this miraculous plan? Can you keep up the regime forever? Of course not – it’s not designed for that.

You’re back to square one, eating as you always ate and doing about as much exercise as you did before, the very behavior that caused you to gain weight in the first place. You’ll gain all the weight back again and fast.

So what can you do instead? For those of you, who live a normal busy life, set yourself up for success in the long term, by introducing only a single small change or two at a time.

Choose those things which you can easily incorporate in your life and which will give you a taste of how success feels – especially important when you’ve spent the last goodness knows how long not succeeding at more drastic weight loss plans. (Fast Weight Loss Fix)

And then go a little further. Change a food habit here, add more activity there. Make gradual sustainable changes until you have the lifestyle which supports a naturally healthy, slim you for the long term.

You may find that you change your lifestyle substantially over the coming months. You may even find it’s not so far off that magazine lifestyle you want. But you will be changing in such a way that you stay within your comfort zone, stretching it a tiny bit each time you make a small change.

This is the way to sustain lasting changes – the difference between losing and gaining the same 10lbs for the rest of your life and being 10lbs lighter forever.

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