Quit Smoking Without Gaining Weight
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Quit Smoking Without Gaining Weight

Quit Smoking Without Gaining Weight

Smoking is deadly but many people continue to smoke for fear that they will gain weight if they quit. Read these tips to find out how to avoid gaining weight when you do. (Gaining Weight)

If you want to quit smoking you may fear that you’ll end up gaining weight.

And, indeed, people who quit smoking often put on a few pounds.

But don’t worry, you don’t have to be one of them!

Why do many people gain weight after quitting anyway?

Tobacco smoking causes an increase in metabolic rate (which reduces when you quit) – your body burns calories more slowly after you stop smoking and you need less food.

The physical activity of smoking a cigarette replaces the physical activity of eating in many cases so people tend to eat less when they smoke.

People tend to feel hungrier than usual when they quit smoking. Your appetite increases and food tastes so much better.

Make no mistake, it is difficult. That’s why there’s been a lot of interest in the recent announcement about Rimonabant, a pill that is supposed to help you control the urge to both eat and smoke.

For now, as it’ll be about 2 years before it appears (if it ever does, and whether it’s safe is anybody’s guess), it’s still up to you.

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So rather than waiting for a miracle pill that may never appear, what can you do when you quit smoking to avoid gaining weight?

Keep busy. Taking up a new absorbing activity will mean that you have less time to think about eating or smoking. Being absorbed in something stops you from thinking about cigarettes or food!

Choose an activity that is incompatible with smoking or eating – painting, swimming, flying lessons, home improvement projects…. whatever you like as long as it’s difficult to do with a cigarette or cookie in your hand. (Gaining Weight)

Use the opportunity of having pollution-free lungs to start a serious fitness program. While your lungs are enjoying good, clean air (wherever you live the air is better than the smoke you were pumping into them) the exercise will burn calories, build muscle and help to regulate your appetite.

Increasing muscle helps boost your metabolic rate (and it’s not easy eating a donuts on the treadmill.)

Think of the things you can do to limit the opportunities to make poor food choices. Just as your office is a smoke-free zone, reducing your opportunity to have a cigarette, maybe you can also make it an “unhealthy-snack-free zone”.

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And if you can’t stop your colleagues from bringing in cakes, at least limit temptation in your home, while you go through the vulnerable quitting period.

People are generally very supportive when you quit smoking – it’s easy to let people know not to offer you a cigarette.

Why not ask them to support you in your efforts to keep your weight under control too? If you have asked them, they should at least have the grace not to press stuff on you that you don’t want. (Gaining Weight)

If you feel the need to have something in your mouth to replace the physical presence of a cigarette when you quit smoking, try sugar-free gum or candy or nibble on some healthy raw veggies such as carrots, cucumber, or celery. You can eat an awful lot of celery and not get fat!

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