Gautam Buddha History and Jayanti
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Gautam Buddha History and Jayanti

Gautam Buddha History and Jayanti

Gautam Buddha is the originator of “Buddha Dharma,” he propagated religion in the Pali language; this Pali language was spoken at that time.

He soon made a place in the hearts of devotees. He was full of compassion and mercy; he considered truth and non-violence as the basis of life.

  • Born 563 AD
  • Died 483 BC
  • Full Name Siddharth Gautam Buddha
  • Acts Prince, a follower of Buddhism

When are Buddha Purnima and Jayanti celebrated?

Buddha Purnima This festival is celebrated on the full moon of Vaishakh, i.e., in the second month of Hindi. Hence it is also called Vaisak. Especially this festival is famous in Buddhism.

Lord Gautam Buddha was born on this day, and he also attained enlightenment on this day, i.e., he became Gautam Buddha from Siddhartha.

Siddharth Gautam Buddha Life Introduction Gautam Buddha Life Introduction.

Siddhartha Gautama Buddha Biography and Jayanti

Gautam Buddha, also known as Siddhartha Gautama, was the Shakya king Shuddhodhana, born in Kapil Vastu Lumbini, Nepal.

His mother, Mahamaya Devi, died seven days after his birth, after which the king Mahaprajavati, the second queen of Shuddhodhana, followed them.

He was named Siddhartha because it was predicted that he would be a great king or a great preacher at his birth. Siddhartha means “perfect soul,” which Siddhartha Gautam / Gautam Buddha proved by his deeds.

There was a lot of compassion in Gautam Buddha; one of his stories is known to all that when his half-brother Devvrat injured a bird with his arrow, he felt unfortunate and gave life to that bird by serving him.

So Siddhartha’s mind was not to rule over the subjects, but he lived their sorrow and got lost in the troubles of the issues.

His father, King Shuddhodana, did not like all this, so he was given all kinds of comforts by making beautiful palaces. So Siddhartha’s mind was away from these pretensions.

Siddhartha received education from Vishwamitra; he was also made perfect in war skills and all the Vedas, Upanishads. He was married to Yashodhara, from which he got a son, Rahul.

Siddhartha was given all the luxuries by his father so that he could get engrossed in all of them, but one day when Siddhartha went out on a walk, he found a poor older man ill, seeing Siddhartha’s mind saddened, the second time he saw a man and followed him.

Seeing many sad people crying, Siddharth’s mind became more disturbed. In this way, seeing the sufferings filled in the world, his mind got bored with the pleasures.

One day when he went out for a walk, he saw a sannyasin with satisfaction on his face, who’s devotion to God on whose tongue Siddhartha felt happy and left his wife Yashodhara and son Rahul gave up the pleasures of an ascetic.

Siddhartha left the city. From place to place, I tried to know the importance of the path of knowledge and austerity, taught to do asanas, and started spiritual practice.

He stopped taking food and lived like this for many years; his body became weak, but he did not get any satisfaction, one day, he heard a hymn and realized that God could not be attained by tormenting his body, and Then he meditated in a prescribed manner.

He learned from this that too much of anything is not good, and it is a crime to hurt oneself to remember his God.

Gautam Buddha Life Introduction

One day, Siddharth And that place came to be called “Bodh Gaya.”

After this day, he came to be known as Gautam Buddha. He propagated Buddhism in the Pali language; this language was the language of the people of that time, due to which people soon adopted him, which was not easy to understand. That’s why Gautam Buddha got more love.

All the people adopted Buddhism. Gautam Buddha gave the knowledge to embrace the simple path of life. Buddhism was far from all caste systems; it could be adopted by every person, whether he was of any caste or male or female. Click to read the precious words of Gautam Buddha.

In Hinduism, Buddha came to be considered a form of Vishnu, and he came to be called Lord Buddha. Buddhism also had its place in Islam.

Bodh Dharma asked to adopt non-violence and give all human beings, animals, and birds equal love status. King Shuddhodhana and Rahul both adopted Buddhism.

At 80, Gautam Buddha predicted his nirvana and took samadhi. His followers spread the propagation of Bodh Dharma and after which many countries other than India adopted it. As a result, many countries like China, Thailand, Japan, Korea, Mongolia, Burma, Sri Lanka have adopted Buddhism.

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