5 Surprising Things Covered by Your Home Insurance
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5 Surprising Things Covered by Your Home Insurance

5 Surprising Things Covered by Your Home Insurance

Home Insurance, also known as homeowner’s insurance, is a vital piece of protection. It covers basic home damage and repairs in most situations.

Many falsely believe it covers damage from flooding and earthquakes, but it is becoming more common knowledge that this is not the case.

What is far less widely known are some of the details of what is covered? Following are five potential surprises in your house insurance policy that could save you a lot of money if you ever find yourself in one of these situations.

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Student’s Property

Students living on campus likely have coverage on their personal property under their parent’s homeowner’s policy. The key is that they have to live on campus.

Students living off-campus will likely need renter’s insurance, as their property is probably not covered under their parent’s home insurance.

Random Accidents

Surprisingly, many things are covered under some house insurance policies that are not related to the house at all.

For example, miscellaneous accidents are sometimes covered. Things such as injuring someone in a bicycle accident or dropping someone while clowning around may fall under this category.

A policyholder who finds themselves in this type of situation or a similar one would be wise to check with their agent to see what could be claimed. (Home Insurance)

Spoiled Food

Power outages happen all the time for various reasons. Ice storms, extreme heat, downed lines from thunderstorms, and even animals chewing through lines are just a few of the possibilities.

When the lights are off for an extended period, food in the refrigerator and freezer can start to spoil. Replacing all of that food is expensive, but in most standard house insurance policies this is a covered expense.

Unforeseen Extra Living Expenses

It is fairly common knowledge that some storm damage is covered by house insurance, but what many do not realize is that if the home is uninhabitable following storm damage other expenses may be covered as well.

Expenses such as hotel fees and meals in restaurants are likely covered, but limits may vary by policy. Expenses may be limited to a certain amount or period.


This one may not be all that surprising, but some of the things included maybe. For example, the liability coverage provided by many standard home insurance policies covers dog bites, libel, and slander.

This means that policy owners can claim if they are sued for their dog biting someone, or if they are sued for spoken or written words considered to be libel or slander.

While these are all generally included in standard house insurance policies, the only way to know for sure what is covered by a specific policy is to read it and discuss any questions and uncertainties with the insurance agent.

While these are all pleasant surprises, there can be just as many unpleasant surprises in what may not be covered. Knowing the policy inside and out is the best way to be certain it is being used to its fullest potential. (Home Insurance)

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