How to Complaint directly to Prime Minister of India
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How to Complaint directly to Prime Minister of India

How to Complaint directly to Prime Minister of India

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The central government runs various schemes, sometimes even after the projects are launched, they do not work correctly on the ground, and its benefits do not reach the needy.

In such a situation, if citizens want, they can directly complain to the Prime Minister of the country. Apart from the schemes, a complaint can also be made to the Prime Minister of the country for redressal of any other problem; for this, there are different types of platforms.

In this article, we will tell you how you can complain to the Prime Minister online from the comfort of your home.

How to complain to prime minister online

If you want to complain online to the Prime Minister, you can directly visit the gov. in website. If you do not know the address of the website correctly, then you will search PM India, then you will get the official website. Keep in mind that the website which contains .gov is the exact official website.

Various types of languages ​​spoken of the country are present on this official website of the Prime Minister. You can choose that language from the right-hand side corner in whichever language you feel comfortable with.

For example, if you are Hindi speaking, then choose Hindi, you will get the entire site in the Hindi language, making it easier for you to complain.

Minister.” In this option, you will be given two other options. The first option will be “Share your views, suggestions, opinions here,” in which you can provide different types of opinions to the Prime Minister on your behalf. In the second option, you will find “Write to Prime Minister.” Where you can click to register your Complaint.

After clicking, a form will open in which you will have to enter your name; Complaint related information, address, state, district, country, and your contact number, ID, etc. Along with this, you have to detail the information asked for the Complaint.

After filling in the information, a box will open at the bottom to write your Complaint in detail.

Along with writing the Complaint in the box, you will also get the option to attach PDF or other files to the site by connecting to complete your Complaint.

Finally, a captcha code has to be entered for verification, and your Complaint will be registered as soon as you click on the submit button. Along with this, the registration number will be sent by message on the mobile.

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What to do to know the status of the Complaint

If you have made a complaint to the Prime Minister and want to know the status of your Complaint, whether that Complaint has been registered or not, then click on the link for this.

On its home page, you will get the View Grievance Status option by clicking on which you can view the status of your Complaint.

After clicking on the link, a form will open in which you will be required to enter the registration number you got. If you have entered your contact number earlier, you will have to enter the same contact number and submit the captcha code. After this, you will know the current status of your Complaint.

Complain through social media

Nowadays, it is the age of social media, so many people register their complaints by contacting the Prime Minister through social media accounts. For this, you need to know the official social account by doing PMO. use it too much on Twitter

It is done, and its point is placed before the government. However, it has been seen that the response on Twitter is also rapid, so if you want, you can also make your Complaint on the social account.

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Below are the links of some social accounts of the Prime Minister’s Office are being shared using which you can file a complaint –

  • PMO email id
  • Complaint Cell Email Address
  • Facebook account
  • Twitter account
  • YouTube account

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Write a letter to PM for Complaint

If you want, you can also send a letter by writing to the address of the Prime Minister’s office, which is called the PMO Office. A letter can also be reported to the Prime Minister at the Prime Minister’s residence; the address of the PMO office and the address of the PM residence are given below.

  • Prime Minister’s Office South Block, Raisina Hill, New Delhi-110011
  • Residence in Delhi 7, Race Course Road New Delhi

How to complain directly to Prime Minister Narendra Modi

In today’s time, the Prime Ministers of all the countries get their social media accounts operated for which their team works, at present we have Prime Minister Narendra Modi Ji, below Narendra Modi Ji’s personal social account information is being shared if If you want, you can complain directly to them.

  • Email address
  • Facebook account
  • Twitter account

We must follow all the duties as well as it is also necessary for the country to be aware, so if you feel that you should complain to your own Prime Minister, then definitely do it.

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