Living without Medical Insurance Could Be Killing You
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Living without Medical Insurance Could Be Killing You

Living without Medical Insurance Could Be Killing You

Did you ever think that living without health insurance might be killing you? Likely you have not thought about it this way, but it is true. (Medical Insurance)

Most medical doctors will put you on the back burner if you do not have insurance or even if you simply do not have good health insurance.


Many Americans that don’t have health insurance or a lot of money have Medicaid instead. While you may think that having Medicaid means you are insured, you may be surprised to learn that patients with this type of insurance are discriminated against.

Why is that you might ask? Well, this is because they pay very little towards the services of the doctor and therefore it is not financially beneficial for medical doctors to have a high Medicaid base.

Most doctors will limit the number of Medicaid patients they will see each month and the number of new Medicaid patients they will take on.

If you think that this is discrimination, you are right. It is unfortunate, but this type of discrimination is occurring every day in our society.

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Seen as a reasonable alternative for the elderly and the only option for most seniors, you best make sure that you have a doctor before becoming a Medicare patient.

If you don’t, you will likely find that these patients are discriminated against also. Just as with Medicaid, Medicare pays very little per service and therefore doctors try to avoid taking on Medicare patients.

Even when they are willing to they usually limit the number of these patients they will see in their practice.

Private Pay

Unless you are extremely wealthy, paying for your health care will be nearly impossible. The high cost of medical treatments and doctors’ visits can create a huge amount of financial hardship.

Most doctors try to limit the services that they offer these patients because they realize that many of these bills will, in the end, go unpaid.

The Reality of the Uninsured or Under-insured

The reality is this. Health care is a business. In the United States, unlike in other countries, it is not about helping people but about making money.

This may sound like a crude fact but it is nevertheless true. Your doctor and local hospital need to make money. With the cost of medical malpractice insurance, they need to make quite a bit of money.

Those without insurance or good insurance coverage are not receiving the level of care that those with health insurance do. It is a sad statement but those without insurance need to scrape and beg to get the help they need.

 In the end, those who are living without insurance have a shorter life expectancy than those with insurance. This is because those without insurance will put off treatment or their physician’s will.

Either way, their inability to pay will be a key factor in their early demise. It is a sad but true state of the medical insurance industry. (Medical Insurance)

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