When and why is Physiotherapy Necessary
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When and why is Physiotherapy Necessary

When and why is Physiotherapy Necessary

Most people do not value physiotherapy more than ‘another’ alternative medicine. Some limit its scope to massage, while some consider it useful for healing injuries sustained during sports.

But the usefulness of physiotherapy is much more than this. So why and when is physiotherapy necessary?

Physiotherapy should be considered if you want to get relief from pain without medicines, injections and operations. This technique is useful for both medical and health fields.

But due to lack of information and wanting to save expenses, people keep taking painkillers. As a result, patients go to a physiotherapist only when the pain becomes unbearable.

Physiotherapy also has special experts in neurology, bone, heart, problems of children and the elderly. Usually, physiotherapists go through the complete history of the disease before starting the treatment.

Accordingly, modern electrotherapy (in which current is used for treatment) and stretching and exercise are adopted. Physiotherapists also resort to massage to relieve muscle and joint pain.

Many physiotherapists also give medicines and injections, which should not be taken without the advice of a doctor.

Get regular treatment

Physiotherapy gives instant relief in some pain, but it takes some time for permanent results. Like painkillers, it does not show effect within a few hours.

Especially in frozen shoulder, back and back pain, many sittings may have to be taken. In many cases, exercise also has to be done and lifestyle changes also.

Any method of the treatment proves to be effective only when its full course is done. This is more important in the case of physiotherapy.

When the knees are bad

According to a recently released University of Western Ontario report, physiotherapy is as effective as arthroscopy surgery in treating arthritic knees.

According to the orthopedic surgeon, Dr Robert was involved in the research in physiotherapy, finding the root causes of pain and eliminating that cause from the root.

For example, if there is a pain in the knees due to muscle strain, it is treated through stretching and exercise, but if the pain is due to the poor balance of the feet, then the physiotherapist can use orthotics shoes (special types of shoes, which give a straight line to the feet). I do) recommend wearing.

The study also revealed that 80 per cent of the surgeries to get rid of knee pain do not give the expected results due to lack of exercise and physiotherapy.

In many cases, physiotherapy is also recommended for hip and knee implants and rehabilitation after fractures. Therefore, physicians also consider physiotherapy necessary in many cases.

Teaches the art of breathing

The scope of physiotherapy is not limited to just muscles and bones. It also includes those nerves which control various parts of our body.

Take asthma or any respiratory disease, for example. Cardiovascular physiotherapists treat such patients through exercises such as inhalation and exhalation exercises or balloon blowing.

In fact, through this, the Cardiovascular Physiotherapist stretches the neck and chest muscles, which makes them stronger.

Give relief even in unbearable pain

According to research conducted in Denmark, physiotherapy can also relieve the pain caused by osteoporosis or any other fracture.

Actually, with the help of exercise, physiotherapists make the muscles and joints around the pain stronger, which ends the pain in the long run.

Physiotherapists also recommend wearing a special type of shoes and getting some exercise, after wearing which the patient can move easily despite the pain. This method is also tried on older adults who are unable to walk due to old age.

If you have back pain

Pain in the back and back increases due to poor posture of sitting, standing or walking, or due to muscle strain, or arthritis.

There are some common methods used in physiotherapy to treat back pain. One of these is to reduce body weight to reduce the extra load on the joint.

Second, muscle strength and the third method is re-patterning muscles, that is, correcting the pattern of muscles in a particular area through exercise. More than two dozen muscles in our lower back and hips are necessary to stay healthy.

Pelvic disorder

Many people experience pelvic pain after pregnancy or any surgery. Some people also feel cramping in it. This happens because the muscles here become stiff after childbirth or after surgery.

In addition to pelvic sex, it is also important for bowel movements. Not only this, but it also supports our spinal cord and various organs of the abdomen.

Physiotherapists use the ‘trigger point release’ technique to relieve the pain by massaging the affected area.

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