Who is Santa Claus History, Story - Santa Claus would come
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Who is Santa Claus History and Story

Who is Santa Claus History, Story

Santa Claus is a name that we have heard since childhood; from the mouth of our elders, we used to hear that Santa Claus would come and bring many gifts for us. (Santa Claus History)

Some children even used to get donations because their parents gave gifts to them as Santa Claus and thought that Santa Claus brought the facility.

So every year, we celebrate Christmas in the hope of skills, but we do not know that after all, what is Santa Claus, who is Santa Claus? So let’s understand who Santa Claus is?

The real name of Santa Claus

There has been a long history about Christmas, although if seen in the calendar, there is a new history between every day, today we are talking about Santa Claus coming in Christmas.

The real name of what we know as Santa Claus is St. Nichols or Chris Kringle. If we talk about today, there is an image of Santa Claus who comes in red and white clothes, and his beard and hair are long white.

And for the lovely kids, he brings a huge bag containing lots of gifts. But history is hidden behind this, now what is it, you will know only after reading this post of ours.

Santa Claus family life

It was said that Santa Claus lived in North America. Unfortunately, no one can confirm this because some people said he lives towards the North Pole.

There was a monk, but he also had married. The name of the woman he married was Jessica, who was later known as Mrs. Santa Claus was also known as the Christmas Father; no information about the terms of his parents is available anywhere.

Life history of Santa Claus

By the way, the name of Santa Claus is associated with Jesus Christ, whose birthday is celebrated on December 25. But if seen in the Bible, there was no connection between Jesus Christ and Santa Claus.

It has been told in the pages of history that Saint Nicholas was born in the third century, and Jesus died 280 years before the birth of Saint Nicholas.

In the third century, Saint Nicholas was born on earth in a noble family in Myra, located in the North Pole.

The family was wealthy, but even then, they had become orphans. After seeing his parents in Lord Jesus from childhood, he started worshiping them.

He grew up and became a Christian priest and later became a bishop. From the very beginning, the hobby was to help some people who cannot fulfill their desires themselves, who are poor and unable to meet their desires.

He always loved to give gifts to the needy and children, but without revealing his identity, he used to go out and give gifts to the children and the needy at midnight.

He did not want anyone to see or know his identity, so he came out of the house only after the children were asleep and gave them gifts.

This was why they put the children to sleep early so that someone who came to them, i.e., Santa Uncle, would give them gifts.

Famous stories from the life of Santa

There are many stories of the life of Saint Nicholas which are very popular, in which he helped the needy people and made them rich overnight.

One such famous story is of a poor man who had three daughters. The man was so poor that he could not provide his daughters even two meals a day.

In such a situation, he was worried about their marriages, how he could get them married, he did not have money to eat, he was forced to give jobs to his daughters, but even after a lot of hard work, he could not get any job, then he lost his daughters. So showed the way to business.

As soon as Saint Nicholas came to know about this, he went to the house of those girls in the middle of the night and quietly placed bags full of gold coins inside their socks. After that, his poverty ended, and he happily married his daughters and gave them a happy life.

It is said that since the incident of that day, children hang out socks on Christmas night with the hope that they will get their favorite gifts in the morning.

In France, red shoes are hung on the chimney where Santa comes and puts presents. Such a practice has been going on for years. Santa walks on radiators, so the children of France keep carrots in their shoes for Radiance.

Nicholas day

The faith in Santa has not diminished in the hearts of the children even today; it is said that the person of Nicholas who has appeared in front of all the children as Santa Claus, his name is taken with the highest respect after Jesus and Mother Mary.

After seeing the generosity of Nicholas, December 6 has been celebrated as Nicolas Day in France since 1200 because it was the day on which Nicholas died.

In 1773, a person in Santa Claus was exposed to the media for the first time in America, and he called himself Santa Claus.

After that, in 1930, the existence of Santa came in front of everyone, and an artist named Sandbalom did Coca-Cola as a Santa for 35 years.

He came in red and white clothes and added Coca-Cola, and this new avatar of Santa was very much liked by the people, who is accepted to date, and in the same form, Santa is remembered.

But the real Santa means that no one had seen or recognized Nicholas to date, so seeing this new form of Santa, everyone guesses the existence of Santa and dances happily.

Santa Claus and Christmas Relationship

Gradually, there was a deep relationship between Christmas and Santa, becoming famous among children. Today Santa will bring gifts for everyone; with this thinking, children go to sleep early on Christmas night.

Even today, in some tales, it is said that Santa lives in the North Pole with his wife and many others, where a vast toy factory has been set up; every year, many toys are made there which are made on Christmas Day. Are distributed among the children. It is said that thousands of sows work in this factory of Santa.

The children of Santa Claus are so crazy that they send letters to them on Christmas day, and there are many addresses where they are also sent ending in the name of Santa, the main lesson of which is called Finland.

Many letters arrive in Finland’s address from all over the world, which are in the name of the Santa, and it is said that many of them have their wishes fulfilled or fulfilled by ability.

In the name of Santa Claus, many mail IDs have also been made, on which millions of mails reach every year.

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