Top 5 Smartphones For Business
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Top 5 Smartphones

Top 5 Smartphones For Business

Smartphones – When you are a business person, you have to attend many meetings with the clients, carrying out business proposals and spearhead a product launch, this list goes on.

The essence of having to coordinate this task and connecting to all important people to get their job done and convert this to results is very much the name of the game.

The convenience and the function of the phone that you posses can help you go through the day without much hassle with receiving that all important calls and mails.

Much more now when mobile gadgets are leaning towards not just mere mobile phones but smart mobile phones capable of carrying many of your business tasks and functions.

If you’re looking for the best Smartphone that is sure to meet your business needs, there are mobile products that can suit up and play the part for you.

Samsung Focus 2

This is the best product price deal you can get. Not pricey but not less shabby on product features and specifications. This is a Windows Phone with a 4-inch AMOLED screen to satisfy your own viewing preference.

The application store may not be much hefty as compared to Android and Apple. Considering that you need a lot of file storage, Samsung Focus 2, however, only has 8 GB storage.

Good thing, you can always add more storage through micro SD card. A great mobile bargain and a real Smartphone winner.

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Samsung Galaxy Note

The downright battle shield for the Galaxy Note is its wide 5.3 inch screen, giving the Android phones a lot to reconsider in the display category. Size? 6-inch long, 3-inch wide. Bigger than the usual Smartphone, smaller than a tablet but works both ways.

You’ll get that tablet experience without compromising your needed Smartphone platforms. The main idea of the Galaxy Note is to get past your usual pen and paper for note taking.

If size doesn’t matter to you, the Galaxy Note can be a good deal with a clear display resolution and steady point-shoot camera.

Nokia Lumia 900

The Nokia Lumia 900 is the flagship phone for the new Microsoft Windows Phone 7 software. In terms of aesthetics, Lumia stands out among all other Smartphones carrying a durable polycarbonate plastic body.

The downside, however, is on its resolutions with a decent 800×480 pixel resolution. Other than that, the phone runs at a fast web speed and does not consume much battery.

Carrying the newest Windows operating system, this Smartphone can be a real company in furnishing all that business assignments.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus

While Lumia is Windows flagship, Galaxy Nexus on the other hand, is backed up by Google. With a 4.65 screen size, the Galaxy Nexus has upped the ante in terms of display and resolutions.

Added with an HD playback and a 1 GB RAM plus 1.2 GHz dual-processor, you’re sure to have your way on video streaming, games and downloadable applications.

iPhone 4S

When we talk about Smartphones, Apple’s iPhone 4S is on top of the game. Carrying an upgraded 8MP camera, dual-core A5 processor and a significant increase in processing power, the iPhone is sure to lead the way through your business requirements.

With an array of built-in and downloadable applications, life will be much easier with Siri and mapping/location services.

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