30 Tips to Stay Fit in the summer
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30 Tips to Stay Fit in the Summer

30 Tips to Stay Fit in the Summer

Sweating, dehydration, restlessness, nervousness, lethargy, and lack of energy are common symptoms during the summer season. But even in this season, if some precautions are taken, then lethargy can be driven away. (Stay Fit)

For this, along with the weather-friendly diet, your fitness routine has to be balanced. Know how to eat in this season and how to keep yourself fit and healthy.

  1. Eat fresh food and be healthy. In summer, eat cooked food immediately, because, in this season vegetables (especially juicy vegetables with tomato-potatoes), lentils get spoiled quickly. Eat well digestible food and stay away from heavy food.
  2. Be sure to eat something or take green tea within one and a half hours of getting up in the morning. Without eating for a long time, the body lacks essential nutrients. Overeating can also be avoided by eating in a short time. It would be better to start the day with lemon and honey in lukewarm water. (Stay Fit)
  1. Reduce the intake of tea and coffee in summer. Caffeine increases dehydration in the body. Instead, include juice, ice-tea, curd, lassi, buttermilk, lemon-water, mango Panna, bel sharbat, coconut water, sugarcane juice in your diet.
  2. In addition to glucose, mint, and mango must be kept in the house at all times.
  3. Do not drink cold water from the fridge immediately after coming from outside heat. Instead, prefer water from a jug, a pot, or a pitcher.
  4. If you have a craving for sweets, eat the apple, gooseberry, or bael murabba, instead of the sweets of the market.
  5. Stay away from cold beverages. Extremely cold food or beverages hurt the body’s natural cooling system in addition to digestion.
  6. Digestible and light vegetables are the gift of summer. Apart from carrots, tomatoes, spinach, cucumbers, and vegetables like kheera which are rich in water are low in calories, as well as they also remove problems like acidity. They have the power to fight the heat.

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Some Others Tips to Stay Fit

Light diet is better in summers. Eat plenty of seasonal fruits. The stomach will remain full and the calories will also decrease. Drink plenty of water. (Stay Fit)

Apart from non-veg foods, eat less hot spices, red chilies, and fried things. One day in a week can take only a liquid diet. Light the dinner. Tulsi lemon tea or ice tea can be taken after dinner.

Children like only cold foods in summer. For them, you can make fruit punch or fruit ice cream at home. Add a little bread powder in the ice cream, then it will become thick and tasty.

If children do not hesitate to drink milk, then knead the dough with milk and make roti out of it and give them. Consume more barley flour in this season. Include mint chutney, mango Panna, curd, and buttermilk on a regular diet. (Stay Fit)

Light Exercise Keep Fit

Summers are ideal to shed the extra kilos that go on in winters. Morning walk and light exercise at home is enough to keep fit in summer.

Learn the exercises from a skilled instructor and if any disease is being treated, then seek the permission of the doctor. Know which exercises will keep you fit.

Fitness Exercise

  1. To avoid heatstroke and dehydration in summer, it is better to do early morning and late evening walks. The best time for a morning walk is 6 to 7 am. A walk of 15-20 minutes after dinner will also keep fit in summer.
  2. Push-ups are necessary to warm up the body. This is simple strength training. This strengthens the upper part of the body.
  3. Squats are a lower body exercise. This improves the thighs, hips muscles.
  4. Burpees are strength training exercises for the whole body. It is also called squat thrust exercise.
  5. Side planks exercise around the abdomen, back and shoulders. (Stay Fit)
  6. Walking lunges also strengthen the lower body such as the gluteus, quadriceps, and hamstrings. This is a great cardiovascular exercise.

Exercise for Women

Women are often short of time. But in the summer, they can use the children’s vacation for their own and children’s fitness. They should fit like this-

  1. Pilates is a popular exercise among women. It can be done even after four weeks of normal delivery. This physical system was designed by Joseph Pilates for the quick recovery of wounded soldiers during World War I. Through this, there is muscle strengthening and stretching.
  2. Yoga is important not only for physical but also for mental health. Nowadays, Ashtanga Yoga to Power Yoga is being done in clubs and gyms too.
  3. Tai-Chai is a Chinese system, which provides balance and relaxation. This is the best exercise for women.
  4. When it comes to swimming, this is a great way to stay fresh in summer and keep the body in shape. This is a very important exercise for teenagers.
  5. Belly dancing and Zumba are also becoming quite popular in recent times. Along with having fun, it also reduces the extra kilos that are accumulating in the body.
  6. If you can’t do anything else, then a brisk walk is the best. This helps in weight management and does not cause any harm to the body. (Stay Fit)
  7. Gymming is very effective, but it should be done under the supervision of a skilled instructor. Women going to the gym for the first time should keep in mind that they do only light exercises.

Super Fruits

There are some super fruits of summer, which can be consumed by avoiding the troubles of the weather.

  • Watermelon hydrates, as well as protects the skin from damage in the sun.
  • Orange and lemon also retain moisture in the skin and provide freshness.
  • Pineapple aids in the digestion of fats and proteins in the body.
  • Mango contains iron, so strawberries provide relief in urinary problems.
  • If you are not overweight, then eat a banana for breakfast in the morning, the potassium and iron present in it will keep you fit throughout the day.
  • Amla is a good source of Vitamin C, Calcium, Phosphorous, and Iron.
  • Papaya removes stomach problems.
  • Coconut water is low in calories and also keeps it hydrated.
  • Potassium is found in figs, which gives energy.
  • Cucumber is also important for hydration, it gives a feeling of fullness for a long time, and hence it is also effective in weight management.

What To Do

  1. Drink at least three liters of water daily in summer. Drink water or liquids before and after exercise or physical activity.
  2. Increase soup, salad, and fruits in the diet. Food should be less spicy and light.
  3. Take full care of cleanliness. Water-borne diseases spread during this season. Keep cleaning your hands. Do not eat cut fruits for a long time, avoid eating outside.

What Not To Do

  1. Do not drink fruit and vegetable juice together. Keep a gap of at least 3-4 hours in them.
  2. Do not drink more than three fruit juices mixed.
  3. Avoid canned or canned juices. If you are making juice at home, do not add ice or sugar on top to avoid extra calories. (Stay Fit)

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