Why do we still need laptops?
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Why do we still need laptops?

Why do we still need laptops?

There are so many devices on the market right now that many people have begun to question whether a laptop is still needed. There are a few reasons why we would argue that laptops or desktops are still needed in today’s world. (need laptops)

Producing word documents

This is not as straight forward on tablets as you may think. Yes typing the short email is not a problem, but have you ever tried typing something more than a few paragraphs long on a tablet?

When producing a document which requires thousands of keystrokes the process becomes very much less tangible and much slower. Some buy an extra keyboard to turn their tablet more into a laptop to overcome this issue.


If you are looking to perform multiple tasks at once generally tablets do not have ones powerful enough. When listening to music, surfing the web, editing photos or videos at the same time, you will want a device with a powerful multicore processor. On a similar note if you’re a gamer you will require a detailed graphics card.

For these types of activities a laptop tends to be much more suited. With these types of activities battery life may become an issue, so be aware. (need laptops)


Connecting tablets to other devices can be a bit of an issue as many tablets only one port for input and output. Laptops with you the option of a number of ports for:

  • Charging
  • HDMI
  • USB
  • Memory card slots

This can in some cases become a bit of an issue for users.

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