Job Search: 7 Tips for Successful Phone Interview
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Job Search: 7 Tips for Successful Phone Interview

Job Search: 7 Tips for Successful Phone Interview

The phone interview is the most important part of participating because if you cannot make a good impression on the phone, there is no possibility of being invited for a personal interview. Below are 7 tips to keep in mind for a successful phone interview.

  1. Choose a quiet environment

Make sure you call where you are not disturbed and where there is no background noise such as TV, radio, dogs barking, crying babies.

For example, if you are surprised by a call on your cell phone, ask the person if you can call them back or put them down until you find a quiet, secluded one to talk to at the grocery store Can’t find a place.

Even better, ask the caller if they can schedule the interview for a mutually convenient time, preferably so that you can stay away from the excitement and take notes.

  1. Prepare for a personal interview as you wish

You can type in to answer questions quickly, and you can be fully aware of the job description. However, it is good to prepare in advance and get your notes, job description, your application, and reference material.

Most phone interviews are effectively screening calls by employers. They want to know if you fit the job description criteria and if your salary is in the ballpark. This can usually be determined by an experienced examiner.

However, you may find that some selectors want a more in-depth conversation with you, and sometimes the hiring manager conducts a phone interview. As you want to prepare for a thorough, lecture interview.

  1. Be prepared to answer screening questions

The general purpose of a telephone interview is to screen candidates. The interviewer is looking for a red flag. He tries to narrow the field of candidates and select the best matches to be called for face-to-face interviews. You will get questions like these:

Why are you looking for a new position? (Answer in a positive state no matter how much you appreciate your situation!)

Walk with me in your background. Why did you go here, why did you go there…? (Always give a positive cycle for the reason you quit. Talk about what you did in your past experience, as it relates to this situation.)

  • What are your strengths/weaknesses?
  • What was the biggest achievement you achieved in your last position?
  • Why are you interested in our position/company?
  • What specific projects have you worked on?
  1. Be busy with good questions

First, be sure to ask. However, don’t ask questions that may sound like “it’s all about me”. Also, at this point, it is good for the interviewer to mention money or benefits.

When you ask about them during a phone interview, they are subject to address, but if possible they will be left until the late and/or final stages of the recruitment process.

At this point, your only goal will be to convince the interviewer that your skills and experience fit their needs. Ask the interviewer how success is defined for this position. You can ask the interviewer what is the most important element of the job description.

Ask the interviewer why the position is open. They are examples of good questions for a phone interview. And, of course, listen to their answers carefully and take notes if you can.

  1. Speak clearly

This can be an obvious tip, but the most important thing to keep in mind in a phone interview is that you get a chance to make a great impression with your words and your voice. Keep the mouth near your mouth.

Gum should not be chewed, eaten, drunk or smoked. The sounds in the phone increase – the sounds like crushing, chewing, swallowing, and breathing/exhaling are definitely raised.

Also, if your mouth is busy with that other activity, you may not be as consistent as you need to be when you need to speak.

  1. Use your interviewer name

When you first ask, write down the name of the interviewer and use it from time to time during the conversation. People love the sound of their name, and this simple tip will help you build a good relationship.

Be careful not to overdo it. The keyword here is “rarely.” You can be creative and unnatural every time someone uses your name.

  1. Smile

Let the interviewer “hear the smile” in your voice. Some experts say that you should advertise in a mirror in which you are interviewing so that you can see yourself, thus, remind yourself to smile.

If you don’t want to do this, then somehow mention a post in it, write the word “smile” in it, and put it where you can call. A phone interview gives you the opportunity to communicate your excitement and interest through your facial expression and eye contact.

The only way to express positive energy and how it feels with your voice. You usually feel very lively when you smile and your voice definitely reflects your smile.

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