Do Not Ignore Symptoms of Weak Heart after the Age Of 30
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Do Not Ignore Symptoms of Weak Heart after the Age Of 30

Do Not Ignore Symptoms of Weak Heart after the Age Of 30

The news of the death of well-known actor Siddharth Shukla has shocked the film industry and its fans. According to reports, the cause of his death is said to be a heart attack. (Symptoms of Weak Heart)

However, it will be confirmed only after the postmortem report that the real reason for his death, but everyone is surprised to hear the news of Siddharth, famous for his fitness with excellent acting, passing away from a heart attack at the age of 40.

Over the years, the incidence of heart attacks among youth has increased. According to doctors, in the changing lifestyle, special care should be taken of the heart only after 30. Also, if your heart is getting weak, then some of its signs should not be ignored.

Chest pain

Nowadays, even at the age of 25-30, youth are becoming victims of heart attacks. Every year, thousands of people under the age of 30 die from cardiovascular diseases.

Therefore, chest pain should not be ignored as something else. If you experience sweating along with chest pain, you must consult a doctor.

Note that sometimes people take heartburn (which is due to acidity) as chest pain, so understand the difference between burning and pain and decide not to be hasty.

Gasping while climbing stairs

Usually, at the age of 30-40, climbing 20-25 stairs at high speed is not a difficult task. But if you get very tired while climbing stairs, feel short of breath, and have to stop, then these can be early signs of heart problems.


If a person has started snoring at the age of 30-35, it can be a sign of some breathing problem. Apart from this, it can also mean that your heart is not working properly.

Therefore, if there is a snoring problem and shortness of breath, you should consult a heart doctor to know the reason. (Symptoms of Weak Heart)

Jaw pain

People ignore this symptom because they misunderstand the pain of the jaw as the pain of the teeth and then suppress the pain by taking the medicine of the toothache.

It is okay to do this 1-2 times, as the pain may be due to some problem with your tooth itself. But it should not be done repeatedly because repeated pain in the teeth or jaws can be a sign of a heart problem, so if there is pain in the jaws, then not only do you visit the dentist but do some tests after meeting the heart doctor etc. Get it done

Tingling in one part of the body

Cholesterol is also a major cause of heart problems. High cholesterol impairs blood flow in the body and increases the risk of a heart attack.

If the cholesterol is too high, there may be a problem of tingling in the body as a precursor. If you feel continuously for a few days that there is constant tingling in some parts of your body or one side of the body is not working properly, then this can also be a sign of a heart problem. Therefore it is important to pay attention to this as well.

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