Symptoms of Weak Lungs
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Symptoms of Weak Lungs

Symptoms of Weak Lungs

Lungs are an essential part of the body. If there is any problem with this, the amount of oxygen in the body will start decreasing. By some signs, you can recognize that your lungs are getting sick. (Weak Lungs)

Signs of Unhealthy Lungs

Lungs are essential parts of the body. It is only through the lungs that we get oxygen from the atmosphere and can breathe. Any problem in the lungs can reduce the flow of oxygen to your body.

You may have trouble breathing. In India’s second wave of the corona, this dangerous virus has attacked the lungs the most, causing many cases of people having difficulty breathing, covid pneumonia, and getting seriously infected with corona due to the virus reaching the lungs. People also lost their lives.

The lungs also work to remove carbon dioxide from the body. The lungs filter oxygen. If the lungs are unhealthy, then carbon dioxide will not get out, which can affect your other organs.

If you have this type of problem, you can recognize that your lungs are getting worse by some signs and symptoms.

Coughing up

If the cough problem is bothering you for a few days, then show it to the doctor. Persistent coughing can also be due to a lung problem. If there is a dry cough with no mucus, then it can also be due to TB.

Cough can also come due to coronavirus. If there is more mucus in the cough or blood comes with the slime, it is a serious lung problem. This can be a symptom of chronic bronchitis.

Shortness of breath

When your lungs are unhealthy, there is a problem; you may also feel short of breath. It is through the lungs that your body takes in oxygen and releases carbon dioxide. If the lungs do not work correctly, then the process of breathing also gets interrupted. (Weak Lungs)

Chest pain

Do you feel pain even without putting pressure on your chest? If so, chest pain could be a sign of unhealthy lungs. If you have severe pain while coughing or sneezing, get your lungs tested.

Feeling tired

Do you feel tired immediately after doing light work like climbing stairs, walking or jogging for a while, doing some light exercise, or playing a game, then your lungs are getting weak?

The cells of the body function well only when they get enough oxygen. If the lungs are not working as well, the body may not get enough oxygen.

Due to this, there is a lack of energy in the body, and you start feeling tired all the time. (Weak Lungs)

Losing weight

If any part of the body is terrible, then it will affect your weight too. If you have any physical problems, then you may lose weight.

Even if the lungs are unhealthy, there can be a problem of inflammation in the body, due to which the muscle mass starts decreasing. This also leads to weight loss.

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