Weight Maintenance Explained
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Weight Maintenance Explained

Weight Maintenance Explained

Weight maintenance can be even harder than losing weight – and many people lose the same 10 or 20lbs over and over failing miserably in the attempt to maintain their weight. Find out how to maintain your weight from those who beat the odds.

Weight Loss Maintenance

Weight maintenance can be hard!

There have been studies that say that your chances of recovering from cancer are higher than your chances of remaining slim 5 years after losing weight.

It’s always harder to keep the pounds off than it is to lose weight in the first place.

The problem with weight maintenance is that you have to follow a lot of the changes you made on your weight loss program when what you want to say is “Look at me, I lost all that weight. I deserve this cream pie”. And so you reward yourself with the very behavior which got you fat in the first place.

This is how the lose-gain yoyo dieting cycle is born and why 95% fail to keep the weight off.

But some people do beat the odds and studies have been made of the 5% who belong in that golden category of people who have maintained their weight loss.

Weight Loss Fix

What do they do that’s different from the average dieter?

According to researchers studying weight maintenance of 3000 people who have lost weight and kept it off the majority do the following

They eat healthily usually keeping to a low-fat, high carbohydrate diet

And they eat breakfast 7 days a week

They maintain a high activity level (on average when measured with a pedometer they take 11000 steps a day compared to 5000 for those who are overweight)

They remain vigilant about gaining weight. And they continue to monitor their weight and food intake and respond to any gains quickly.

So, in essence, they made long-term lifestyle changes, changing the behavior that made them fat.

When you think about this it’s obvious and yet we still hanker after the myth that once you are slim you can eat anything you want, that you won’t have to take so much exercise and can get back to the couch and the TV snacks.

But, once you know how good being slim feels, do you want to go back to that unhealthy lifestyle, losing the same 20lbs or more over and over? Wouldn’t you rather be in the golden 5%, eating delicious healthy food, and being as slim and fit as you know you can be?

Weight maintenance – it’s your choice. What will you decide?

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