What is depression? Know the symptoms and remedies
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What is depression? Know the symptoms and remedies

What is depression? Know the symptoms and remedies

What is depression – We all must have felt sad and depressed at some point in our lives. It is very common and normal to feel sad because of failure, struggle and separation.

But if feelings like unhappiness, sadness, helplessness, hopelessness persist for a few days to a few months and make the person unable to carry on with his routine normally, then it can be a sign of a mental disease called depression.

According to WHO, more than 300 million people worldwide suffer from this problem, in India this figure is more than 50 million, which is a very serious problem. Depression usually begins in adolescence or 30 to 40 years of age, but it can occur at any age.

Women are more likely to suffer from depression than men. Apart from mental factors, hormonal imbalance, pregnancy and genetic disorders can also be the cause of depression.

There are different types of depression depending on the number and intensity of symptoms, which can range from moderate to very severe, which requires intensive testing for successful treatment. Different people have different symptoms of depression like-

  • Sadness throughout the day and especially in the morning.
  • Feeling tired and weak almost every day.
  • Feeling unworthy or guilty.
  • Difficulty in staying focused and making decisions.
  • Sleeping too much or too little almost every day.
  • Dullness in all activities.
  • Frequent thoughts of death or suicide.
  • Feeling restless or lethargic.
  • Sudden weight gain or loss.

What is depression?

According to the DSM-5 (testing technique), if a person has 5 or more of these symptoms for 2 weeks or more, then he may have depression.

Depression is a mental problem but it also affects the patient physically like tiredness, thinness or obesity, heart disease, headache, indigestion etc. For this reason, many times patients wander to get treatment for these physical symptoms, but the depression hidden at the root of these symptoms is not taken care of. (What is depression)

Testing for depression begins with a visit to a psychiatric doctor. It is very important to talk to a specialist to find out the cause of depression.

There are many different treatments available for depression these days. A psychiatrist chooses the right treatment based on the type and severity of depression, such as counseling, behavior change, group therapy, medications, or a mixed approach.

After proper treatment, most of the patients of depression are able to recover completely and return to their normal life.

If someone you know or you have depression, then you can help that person and yourself in this way-

  • To overcome depression, a good psychiatrist must be consulted.
  • Try to understand this problem well and take the advice of your doctor for this.
  • Don’t let yourself be alone, go out with friends, hang out with people, gossip.
  • Do not set unattainable goals for yourself.
  • Go for a walk in the morning and evening.
  • Keep yourself busy with work.
  • Don’t listen to sad songs.
  • Instead of kneeling in your heart, definitely tell your story to a confidant or a psychiatrist.
  • Find new ways to do things and go through new routes.
  • Even if you’re sad, act like you’re really happy. Laughing with coworkers is good for health and when we cry, no one else weeps, but the world is ready to laugh together.
  • Read and say positive things
  • Take advantage of the Art of Positive Living.
  • Take the support of yoga and bring it to life by learning Anulom Antonym, Pranayama, Meditation.
  • Read positive stories, thoughts and exhortations if you have internet.
  • Turn off the TV one hour before sleeping in the night because if you see something negative in the TV, then it remains in your conscience. (What is depression)

वर्क फ्रॉम होम जानिये इसकी क्या कीमत चुकाते है आप


  • Depression is a very common but serious problem, from which a person needs medical help to come out.
  • Depression is not dementia and most patients with depression can make a full recovery.
  • Correct information is very important for the treatment of depression.
  • In getting rid of this problem, the cooperation of the doctor and the patient as well as his family and friends is very important.

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