What to do After Graduation?
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What to do After Graduation?

What to do After Graduation?

Most of the graduate students in India are confused about what to do after graduation. Some want to do post-graduation (postgraduate) courses after graduation, while some want to do a job.

Suppose you are also in such a confusing situation and want to know what to do after graduation. In that case, you will get information about many courses/job options available in India after graduation here.

Keeping in mind the graduation courses that can be done from many subjects in India, here we will tell you about such practices and job options that can be done after any graduation course and such jobs and studies.

I will also suggest which can only be done by graduate students from a specific subject/faculty. So read this article till the end. Let us know what to do after graduation.

Government jobs after any graduation course

Irrespective of your subjects in graduation, there are many government jobs in India for which any graduate aspirant can apply. So you are an engineering graduate or general B.A. Degree holder or Graduate in Hotel Management.

You are eligible to apply for many such government posts, which are for graduate candidates in any discipline. Here we will tell you about similar government jobs and their recruitment process. So let’s know which government jobs are available after any graduation course in India.

I.A.S., I.P.S. etc. (Central Civil Services Exam)

Among the government jobs available in India for graduate candidates from any discipline, the posts of I.A.S., I.P.S., etc., to be appointed through the civil services examination conducted by UPSC, rank first.

The Civil Services Exam is one of the toughest exams conducted for government jobs in India. Through it, there is direct recruitment as Group-A officers in various departments of the central government.

By this exam, the officers appointed in any department can get promoted to the highest post of that department until their job.

Therefore, the Civil Services Examination provides a golden opportunity to get appointed in high positions in the Central Government Departments in India and get a job.

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S.D.M., D.S.P. etc. (State Civil Services Exam)

The State Civil Services Examination conducted by the State Public Service Commission’s is second only to the graduate candidates appointed to higher government posts after the Civil Services Examination conducted by the UPSC.

State Civil Services Examination is also called P.C.S. examination in short. Apart from S.D.M. and D.S.P., appointments are made as Group-A and Group-B gazetted officers of many departments under the respective state government.

If you are appointed to the post of S.D.M. or D.S.P. through the State Civil Services Examination, then through promotion after a few years of service, you also have a chance to become I.A.S. and I.P.S., respectively.

Officer in defense forces

As far as direct appointment as a Group-A officer is concerned, the third option in this category for graduate candidates is to become an officer in the Defense Forces (Army, Air-Force, Navy) through the C.D.S. exam.

Through the Combined Defense Services (C.D.S.) exam conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC), candidates are initially recruited as a lieutenant in the army, flying officer in the air force and sub-lieutenant in the navy.

Only science graduates or engineering graduates are eligible for appointment in the Air Force and Navy. Still, graduate candidates from any discipline are qualified to become lieutenants in the army through the C.D.S. exam.

Assistant Commandant in Central Armed Police Forces

Before the graduate candidates to be directly appointed as Group-A officers in government departments in India, the fourth option is to be appointed as Assistant Commandants in the Central Armed Police Forces.

You can get assigned to the post of Assistant Commandant in B.S.F., CRPF, CISF, S.S.B. etc., through the “CAPF AC Exam” conducted by Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) itself.

Inspector in Income Tax/ Customs etc. (SSC CGL Exam)

For graduate candidates from any discipline, the number of options for appointment to Group-B and Group-C posts comes after the written four options for direct selection of Group-A officers in government departments.

The most popular and discussed exam option among graduate candidates in this category is the Combined Graduate Level Examination conducted by the Central Staff Selection Commission (S.S.C.). This exam is also called SSC CGL exam in short.

Through this exam, the posts of Assistant Section Officer and Inspector / Sub-Inspector in Income Tax, Customs, Narcotics, G.S.T., C.B.I. etc., are appointed in various Central Ministries and Departments.

Sub-Inspector in Central/State Police Departments

The option of getting appointed to the post of Sub-Inspector in Central Armed Police Forces and Central or State Police Departments is also available before the graduate candidates.

 A single combined exam is conducted to appoint a Sub-Inspector in Central Armed Police Forces (B.S.F., CRPF, CISF etc.) and Delhi Police under Central Government.

This exam is called the “Sub-Inspector in Delhi Police and Central Armed Police Forces Exam”, and this exam is also conducted by the Central Staff Selection Commission (S.S.C.).

Similarly, each state operates its separate examination for appointment to the post of sub-inspector in its police department, for which any graduate candidate can apply.

Station Master & Other Posts in Indian Railway Department

The option of appointment to the post of Assistant Station Master and many other positions in the Indian Railway Department is also available in front of graduate candidates through the “RRB NTPC Examination” conducted by Railway Recruitment Board.

Probationary Officers and Clerks in Banks

If you are a graduate, you can get appointed as Probationary Officer (PO) or Clerk in all the public banks of India, including the State Bank of India.

You can apply for S.B.I. P.O. Exam, S.B.I. Clerk Exam, IBPS PO Exam, IBPS Clerk Exam, IBPS RRB Exam etc., to get an appointment in public banks of India.

Intelligence Officer (Intelligence Bureau)

The appointment to Assistant Central Intelligence Officer (ACIO) in Intelligence Bureau (I.B.) is also available before the graduate candidates. To get appointed to this post, you have to apply for the “IB ACIO Exam”.

Various Jobs Under State Governments

Apart from the job mentioned above options, all the state governments keep issuing advertisements from time to time for the graduate candidates from any discipline for appointment to Group-B and Group-C posts in the government departments.

Taxation Inspector (State G.S.T. Inspector), Food and Supply Inspector, Patwari (Lekhpal), Forest Ranger, etc., are significant posts for various state government posts for which any graduate candidate can apply.

Government Jobs after Graduation Course in some specific subjects

Now we will tell you about some such government jobs available after graduation for which only graduate candidates from a specific subject or subjects can apply.

Not all graduate candidates or graduate candidates from any discipline are eligible for these posts. Let us know about the government job options available for graduate students from some specific fields.


The post of Judge or Judge is the highest in the Indian Judiciary. The minimum educational qualification for becoming a judge in India has been set L.L.B.

So if you want to become a judge, you have to be a law graduate or put a 3-year L.L.B. course after graduation or a 5-year BA LLB course after 12th. After doing L.L.B., you can be appointed as a judge in the respective state through the “Judicial Service Examination”.


If you are an L.L.B. graduate, you also can get a job as a government lawyer. In India, public prosecutors are appointed in many departments under the central government and various state governments.


After doing medical graduation courses like MBBS, BAMS, B.D.S., BHMS etc., candidates can appoint doctor / medical officer posts in many central and state government departments.


If you are an engineering graduate (B.E. / B.Tech), then you have the option of getting appointed as an engineer in various central and state government departments.

You can call directly appointed as Group-A Engineer Officer in various Central Departments through ‘Engineering Services Exam’ conducted by UPSC or Junior Engineer in Central Departments through ‘S.S.C. J.E. Exam’ conducted by SSC.

Apart from these posts, an engineering graduate can also get an appointment to Assistant Engineer or Junior Engineer position in many departments of various state governments.

Architect / Town Planner

If you have done graduation in Architecture, you can get a government job as an architect or town planner in the relevant government departments.

The positions of architect or town planner are advertised from time to time in the housing development, industrial development and other related departments of the central and state governments.

Various courses after graduation

Now we will tell you about the various post-graduation courses available in India after various graduation courses.

You can choose the appropriate method according to your graduation degree from the multiple options of postgraduate classes listed below.


M.Sc. (Master of Science) is a 2-year post-graduation (post-graduation) course that requires graduates in science subjects or B.Sc. Only degree holder candidates can do it.

Therefore, candidates who have graduated from science subjects can have M.Sc in any one of the science subjects.

M.Sc in India Mainly Physics (Physics), Chemistry (Chemistry), Zoology (Biology), Botany (Botany), Maths (Mathematics), Biotechnology (Biotechnology) etc. But in most of the universities of India, you can do M.Sc in the same subject.

You can get admission in the course which you have done B.Sc. level has been studied. M.Sc from I.I.T. or Delhi University.

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M.Com or Master of Commerce is a 2-year post-graduation degree course pursued by B.Com degree holders.

Commerce graduate students have the option of pursuing a postgraduate degree course in the form of M.Com.


M.A. (Master of Arts) is a 2-year post-graduation course, and M.A. To get admission in the system, candidates with three or 4-year graduation degrees from any discipline can apply.

So you have done B.A. Or have done any graduation course from B.Com or B.Sc, you can do M.A. You can use to get admission in the system.

The procedure can be done in language subjects (English, Hindi etc.) or subjects like History, Geography, Political Science, Economics etc.

M.D. / M.S.

After doing a doctoral graduation course like MBBS or BAMS, candidates are eligible to do postgraduate courses related to the medical profession.

Medical postgraduate study related to medicine is called M.D. (Doctor of Medicine) or M.S. (Master of Surgery). M.D. and M.S. Both are 3-year doctoral courses, but graduate candidates can only do this course in the medical field.


Engineering Graduate (B.E. / B.Tech) candidates, if they want to do post-graduation, then they have to have a 2-year M.E. (Master of Engineering) or M.Tech (Master of Technology) course is available.

It is also worth mentioning that M.Tech or M.E. The system can also be done only by engineering graduates. But in some subjects like Computer Science and Engineering, Physics, Chemistry etc. M.C.A. or M.Sc. Candidates holding post-graduation degrees can also do M.Tech.

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If you have done a 5-year B.Arch course and want to do post-graduation, you can make a post-graduation (postgraduate) approach in Architecture as M.Arch. But M.Arch course can also be done only by graduate students from the subject of Architecture.


There is an option for post-graduation courses in the form of M.Pharma for graduate candidates from Pharmacy. But this course can also not be done by graduate candidates from any subject other than B. Pharma degree holder candidates.


M.B.A. course is a 2-year postgraduate course as well as a job placement course. And considering the high availability of jobs in the government and private sector after this course, the M.B.A. course is a top-rated postgraduate course in India.

Graduate students from any discipline can apply to get admission to most colleges in India. Still, in some colleges, Mathematics subject may be compulsory in graduation.


M.C.A. or Master of Computer Applications is a 3-year post-graduation course. This course is also job-oriented, and it is also a popular course due to the vast number of job options available after this course.

The educational qualification for getting admission in M.C.A. course in most of the universities in India is B.C.A. or B.Tech (Computer Science & Engineering) or B.A. / B.Sc / B.Com with Mathematics as a subject.

So if you are not a B.C.A. degree holder or computer engineering degree holder, then to get admission in M.C.A., you must have Mathematics subject in graduation.


B.A, B.Com, or B.Sc degree holder candidates also have an excellent option to do B.Ed. If you want to become a teacher (teacher) in any school (school) in India, then you must do B. Ed or any equivalent course.

Although B.Ed is also graduation or graduate course, it can be done only after B.A, B.Com or B.Sc graduation courses. (What to do After Graduation)

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Private Jobs after Graduation course in some specific subjects

Here now, we will tell you the options of remote jobs according to your graduation degree. These jobs are available only for certain clear graduation degree holders, and graduate candidates from any discipline other than those particular graduation courses are not eligible for these jobs.

Chartered accountant

Suppose you have successfully passed the Chartered Accountancy course after 12th or after graduation. In that case, you can do a job as a Chartered Accountant in any company or factory or firm in India.

After doing the C.A. course, you can also open your office as a Chartered Accountant and provide your services to many companies.

Fashion Designer

Suppose you have done a graduation course in fashion designing or fashion technology. In that case, you have the option of getting a job in a fashion designing company or opening your fashion store.


If you have done a graduation course in Journalism (Mass Communication), you can get a job as a journalist in various news channels, magazines, or newspapers. (What to do After Graduation)

Chef / Hotel Manager

B.Sc. (Hotel Management) course, the option of getting a job as a chef or manager in hotels in the country and abroad is available in front of the candidates.

Therefore, if you are also a graduate of Hotel Management, then you can also apply for the post of manager or chef in any hotel in India.

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After doing an MBBS degree, you can get a job as a doctor in a government job and a big and small private hospital in India. After doing an MBBS degree, a doctor also has the option of opening his hospital or clinic.


B.E. Apart from getting a government job as an engineer for B.Tech degree holders, there is an option to work as an engineer in a private company or factory.


After studying law or getting an L.L.B. degree, you can work as a lawyer in a private advocacy firm. And if you don’t want to get a job, you can also do your practice as an independent lawyer.

Private jobs after any graduation course

After getting the above-written information, you would also like to know the options of such private jobs for which graduate candidates from any discipline can apply.

So, to calm your curiosity, now we will tell you about some of the remote jobs options available in India for which any graduate degree holder can apply. (What to do After Graduation)

Jobs in private banks

If you are a typical graduate, then the best option among private jobs in front of you is to get a job in a private bank. You can make a promising career by doing a position in any private bank.

So not only general graduates but B.B.A., B.C.A. and even some engineer graduates also try to get a job among the many career options available in private banks.

Job in the insurance sector

Apart from private banks, the best option of getting a job in the insurance sector is also available to graduate candidates.

You can apply as per your qualification in the Sales, Marketing or Administration department of various Life Insurance and General Insurance companies present in India.

Along with these positions, you can also join any insurance company as an insurance agent.

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Job in marketing

Whether you have graduated from any subject, but if you have the art of selling or selling their products for a company in the market or directly to the customers, then you can get a job in the marketing or sales department of any company. (What to do After Graduation)

Generally, any company tries to give B.B.A. or M.B.A. degree holder’s employment in the marketing or sales department. Still, if you are a graduate and have related skills or experience, you are made for such a job.

Other Jobs & Options

If you want to know other job options for graduate candidates, then a job in Merchant Navy is also a great option in front of you.


Here through this article, we have told you various jobs and courses available after graduation. You can take advantage of this information and choose a suitable career option based on your graduation degree by selecting an appropriate job/course.

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