World Meditation Day Essay, Theme, Slogan
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World Meditation Day Essay, Theme, Slogan

World Meditation Day Essay, Theme, Slogan

Nowadays, people’s routine has become such that they do not have time for themselves. They are always busy with their work, which affects their health. (World Meditation Day)

Due to this, they may also have to face a disease like stress going forward. But if they make a slight change in their daily routine, it can be healthy for them. For this, taking some time out in the morning and meditation would be a perfect option.

A few years ago, meditation was started globally. People celebrate that day as World Meditation Day, the day it was created. See below to know how it is celebrated and its history and other information.

  • World Meditation Day
  • Important information about meditation day
  • Name World Meditation Day
  • World Meditation Day May 15
  • National Meditation Day May 31
  • International Peace Day September 21

How to celebrate by doing group meditation

When is the World and National Meditation Day celebrated (When Meditation Day is Celebrated?)

Although World Meditation Day is celebrated on May 15, some people celebrate it on May 13 on the birthday of Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, while some people have been celebrating it on August 6 since the Second World War.

In this way, people celebrate this day on different days and associate this day with another history.

At the national level, i.e., in India, National Meditation Day is celebrated on May 31.

World Meditation Day 2021

In the year 2021, World Meditation Day will be celebrated globally on May 15, in which meditation will be done collectively by organizing some programs.

Meditation Day is celebrated all over India on May 31. On this day, all the country’s people are attracted to meditation to understand the importance of meditation.

History of Meditation Day

Many people have given different information about the history of World Meditation Day like

Some say that meditation was started around 1500 BC. And it played a significant role in many religions around the world, especially Buddhism and other Eastern religions.

But it was not only religious but also done by people who are neither spiritual nor religious. They want to reduce their stress and keep their mind calm and clear.

Some people believe that World Meditation Day is celebrated on May 13, the birthday of Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

And it is celebrated because on this day, he laid the foundation stone of a program like ‘Art of Living,’ a spiritual technique that helps to heal countless lives and give them hope every day.

In fact, in the last 37 years, through the Art of Living program, millions of people from many countries have been gathered for meditation, relieving them of stress and helping them to find a better future for themselves. And all this credit goes to Ravi Shankar Ji.

Some people also celebrate it on August 6 because it is believed that on August 6, 1945, the atomic bomb, which was created by humanity, was dropped in Hiroshima, Japan. It was the most powerful nuclear bomb at that time.

World War II was going on when this bomb was dropped. The extreme destruction and atrocities that resulted from World War II left the world greatly affected by the war. People were not able to forget the atmosphere of war.

To emerge from such destruction and awaken the people, it was decided to start meditation worldwide. For this, an organization called United Nations was formed to maintain peace globally and collectively.

Then during the One World Fellowship of Buddhist Youth (WFBY) Summit meeting, this committee announced the importance and benefits of practicing meditation. Meditation was a practice that anyone could do.

In this way, the history of this day is seen differently by different people.

Importance and Objectives

World Meditation Day is one of the most memorable days in everyone’s life. It is important to celebrate this day in today’s time because people do not get leisure from their work in everyday life.

There is no place left for stagnation in people’s lives today. People keep running. Therefore, meditation is essential to calm them mentally and physically.

Only people have to meditate for 20 minutes in the morning to calm their minds. The people of Buddhism believe that Lord Buddha is the Lord of Meditation. This is because he was the one who started meditation. That’s why it has a lot of importance in Buddhism.

This day is celebrated to spread its importance and benefits to the people and make them aware. When all the people together calm themselves by doing meditation on this day.

This not only calms their mind and mind, but it also makes the environment calm. Any citizen of the world, wherever he is, can practice meditation.

Today it can also be declared as World Peace Day because world peace can be achieved only when every human being keeps calm. True inner strength is to keep your mind and mind calm through meditation.

How is Meditation Meditation Day celebrated?

To celebrate Meditation Day, people do meditation to calm their minds and rest their running life. Different people also do meditation through various physical activities.

Some people do it through yoga or other exercise activities, while others like to sit on the floor with a cross; they do meditation with that activity that they find more accessible.

Apart from this, they choose a place to meditate to feel peace and comfort. Whether that place is a bathroom, a gym, or an area with a natural environment like the sea or forest, after this, he puts himself in a comfortable position, closes his eyes, and tries to remove all the thoughts going on in his mind by taking long breaths.

This task is challenging in the beginning. Because it is not easy to remove thoughts from our minds, our reason is also not accustomed to such mental peace in our daily life. But if we keep practicing it, we will enjoy its benefits.

For example, many people say that concentrating on a sentence helps them focus and keep their mind clear, while some also believe that listening to soft music in the background also calms the mind.

Thus, on this one day, people celebrate this day by meditation through different activities.

Meditation day program

A large number of special programs take place during World Meditation Day. Gyms, recreation centers, popular meditation sessions, even many yoga studios organize guided meditation sessions.

Fabric, the prestigious London nightclub, will organize such events during World Meditation Day 2019. Most of the parks in London will be converted into a few spots so that people can sit in a group and practice meditation together.

But you don’t need to take advantage of this only by participating in such scheduled programs of World Meditation Day 2019. Wherever you live, you can do meditation in a group or alone, seeing such a calm environment around.

In this way, people pacify their hearts and minds by participating in these programs or meditation in their local place.

Therefore, to keep your mind calm, you should do meditation for at least 20 minutes every day, not only this one day, it will prove to be very beneficial for you.

Slogans/thoughts on a meditation day

Meditation isn’t just a way to calm your mind; it’s a way to manage the at least 50,000 thoughts already running through the mind of an average person every day.

What we think determines what happens to us, so we need to expand our minds to change our lives.

If you want to conquer the worries of life, live in every moment, live in every breath.

The more a person meditates on good thoughts, the better and bigger his world.

Empty your mind; it should be like water without shape and type. You put water in a cup; it becomes a cup. If you put water in a bottle, it becomes a bottle.

If you put it in a teapot, it becomes a teapot. Therefore, the way water takes the form of whatever you put in it, you should also become like this.

During meditation, your metabolism and breathing rate drops to a resting level, twice as fast as in a deep sleep.

The energy of the mind is the essence of life.

A man’s mind is filled with many thoughts; he becomes what he thinks.

You must be the change you want to see in the world.

If we know the divine art of concentration and the sacred art of meditation, we can quickly and surely unite the inner world.

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